Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gainfuly Employeed

Apologies for the recent absence. It has been a manic week and a half.

Firstly I was put ona temp job by mum which was not to bad although extremely BORING !! Played ruby receptionist for a week. Lord above it was soooo boring. Could do that all day.

But more importantly relating to the above tittle ....I FINALLY HAVE A FULL TIME JOB !!!! I am one happy lady right now. I got a call from another agency mum sent me to on Wednesday for a job they just got in asked ' was I interested?' my response ( bored out of my tree at the time being Ruby Receptionist) was ' Hell yes please!'
I went for a short notice interview on the Tursday at noon and by Thursday at 4pm I had the job, turns out they liked me ha ha

So basically I am doing a similar job as to what I was doing at Belden. I am inside sales but not for a cable manufactoring company but for a major steel fabrication company. They make all the big vessels that are used up in the oil fields in Northern Alberta. It is a much smaller office then what i am used to, basically myself and one other who is my boss( she was really nice liked her) We are not even located in the main building where all the others are. We are in the back of one of the major shops in a tiny somewhat dirty office ( dusty due to the welding and metal) surrounded by welders everywhere, yes the vast majority are men, think there are about 3 women welders. When I had the interview they asked me how I would be in a very male dominated work enviroment, I said not a issue. They also warned that the boys tend not to be to politically correct, I said nor am I , think they liked that lol
So I start Tuesday morning ( Monday is a bank holiday in Alberta) and I am really looking forward to it.
I am making effectively more then I was in the UK at a job that I think I am going to like just as much as my UK one.
Will let you know how the first week went


Suburban Mum said...

Congratulations! And good luck!

louisa said...

thanxs very much dear ! very happy and really looking forward to haviing a routine again and more importantly a damn wage ! lol lol off to vegas in 2 and a half months so now I will have loads of money to blow there lol

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new job - I hope they soon realise what an asset you are to a company. Belden didn't realise how much of a good thing they were on until they let me and you go. Their loss - SUCKERS!

louisa said...

hmm now i have to guess who this is .... I am thinking it is my little welsh friend simon but could be completly wrong....TELL ME !! and if it is simon email me cannot find your email address hun

suburbanmum said...

So... how's it going?