Thursday, January 04, 2007

My First Sentence

I was reading one of my regular blog friends entries,, and she told of her sons new words and more importantly new sentences ( sooooo cute ya could just eat him up ! ) Well it got me thinking about my first complete sentence and well needless to say it was to form the rest of my adult speech life and the fact that I am a potty mouth. So here it is for all and sundry :

I have no idea what my first word was but it was likely the usual thing like ' mum' 'dad' or even possibly ' food ' in fact food is likely what it was knowing myself like it do !

But my first sentence was a whole different ball game. I do personally think that it was a great moment in my life.

When I was little my mum and dad used to sit my high chair facing the deck and back garden in front of the sliding glass doors. I apparently loved sitting there while eating my various amounts of baby mush ( see possible first words above ....Food) .

We had a 2 dogs Annie and Bandit, they were Springer spaniels and well STUPID !! Stupid as shit. They used to sit outside that glass sliding door in minus 20 odd weather and sctratch at the door. Now these dogs had the most amazing dog house. It had huge amounts of bales of hay surrounding it effectively turning it into a giant heated home. Yet they still sat outside that door and whine and scratch. Dad used to stand at that door and mutter to himself and to the dogs as I sat and ate my baby mush.
Then the fateful day came. The usual routine came. Me. High Chair. Mush. Dad. Dogs. Mumbling. Then the routine broke with this fateful sentence that I decided to repeat after hearing dad:

' Those fucking stupid dogs !! ' It was said with the exact same reflection in voice as my dad. With particular strength on the word ' fucking' . Mum says they both stopped dead in their tracks and were rigid with shame.
Needless to say mum was not impressed. And even after dad popping his clog over 9 years ago I do not believe mum ever really forgave him for that one!! lol

So to all you parents out there remember kids hear it all we remember it all and most importantly god damn we mimic it all !!


Anonymous said...

The dreaded first swear word! I always thought mu daughter would pickit up from her dad first, because he swears like and Irishman but no, it was me. She heard me mumble shit and then not a minute later, in front of everyone, she did a clear as day "Oh shit!."

Alexandra said...

It was actually just "fucking dogs", which is a phrase, not a sentence. :)

Anonymous said...

My friend's little girl's first sentence was "Mummy, I can't get my fucking pants on."

Mine was very boring, although I'm sure it was amazing to my Mum: "Daddy go work in car."

ST has said gugga a couple of times in response to my saying "bugger" but luckily he's not good with b's yet so nobody noticed!!

louisa said...

shut up alex !! you snotty little sister. Go back to world domination over there in Brussels :-)

louisa said...

Emma- shit must be the most popular with kids as I think parents must use that one all the time.

SM- HA HA HA gugga !!

art said...


Anonymous said...

LOL..........that's hysterical. Thanks for coming by to visit me.

louisa said...

yeah was pretty funny ! thanxs for visiting mine as well hope to see you back ! :-)

Anonymous said...

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art said...

no new posts? you ok?