Monday, January 01, 2007

Its a Happy New Year !!!

Ohhhhh sweet lord it is a happy new god damn year !!! You ask why it is a happy new year ???? BECAUSE PLEURISY DID NOT BLOODY KILL ME !!! It tried but dammit I won that battle!! So 2 bloody fingers up to you Mister Pluerisy go find another body to attack and poke at !!

So as you can read I am much much better. Here is a break down of the holiday seasons for this newly Canadian girl everyone:

  • The dread illness stuck around until xmas eve however it was not nearly as bad as it was the few days before. I could at least cough sneeze and fart without withering up into a ball of pain and agony
  • Unfortunately old saint nic was not on my side for xmas. I woke up xmas morning with a damn cold a pure head cold in its purest form possible. Luckly ( not so lucky for her though ha ha ) Mum woke up with it as well. So the 2 of us suffered through xmas day and boxing day with the damn thing in full steam. This of course did not hinder me in my child like joy of ripping off thoughtfully applied wrapping paper from all presents. The only thing that made the scene different from when I was a child was the massive cup of coffee in one hand and the fag in the ashtray !!!
  • Christmas was lovely though and it was every single thing I missed in my 5 year absence from my home country and family. In fact it was probably better then I imagined.
  • THE GIFTS : ohhh the gifts mum out did herself !!! I got the most stunning Fossil handbag which has yet to leave my side ( it is currently right beside me in full view of my bed ) I got books books and more books. This makes me so happy as only my mother seems to know exactly what books to get me as gifts. I have been reading my ass off endlessly. Also got cook books which also have already been put to good use. And of course I got my yearly dose of wedgewood ( those who know me and those who do not will now know I have a small addiction to wedgewood, not so small actually. I see blue I shake and get excited ) There are so many gifts cannot list them all but they rocked!
  • Hmmmmmm boxing day shopping. My lovely mum gave me 200 bucks to shop with as a pressie and shop I did. I am dedicated to the cause. Even with my leper like lokking cold I was out the door by 9 and in the worlds biggest mall, West Edmonton Mall, by a quarter to 10. I bought lovely things including shoes to match stunning new bag! I did buy the most impractical thing in the world, a white jacket. Again those who know me know that this is tempting fate to the biggest degree! However it has been a week and not a single stain.
  • New Years: I planned on doing cock all. My plan was to have a bath eat watch BBC Canada and likely be in bed before midnight. New years is not a big deal for me. However my little brown boy friend Ricardo called sad I was SAD IN A BIG WAY and said her had free tickets for me to go out with him my bro our comando dutch boy phil and others and i was to be there no questions asked. I went. I then entered the 5th dimmension of hell everyone...... a country and western bar. The one thing I escaped in the UK was country music. I may have grown up and spent my life in cowboy, prairey, the land of cows horses and wheat but I did not have any like of country music and cowboy hats. I was surounded. What made this situation worse was the fact that I had made the rather adult and stupid decision not to drink and to drive home at end of the night. Without the aid of booze it was even worse. I EVEN LINE DANCED !!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMMIT !!!!! SAVE ME IS WHAT I SCREAMED !!!!!! but you know what I actually had fun. Only in this country,province, and town was there a mechanical bull for all to ride in the middle of a bar !!! before you ask no I did not get on the bull, even if I had been pissed I still would not have got on the damn bull. ( I do have pics of all the others on the bull to share with you ) So new years was fun. I saw it in ( no i did not kiss anyone , why would I they all had cowboy hats on and jeans that would even be to tight for Kate Moss) and left 15 minutes later ...smiling and knowing I had a good time and a laugh with my friends and bmy baby brother.

So thats it for now really. I know I keep promising pics and I do have them. However my mother has this very odd talent of placing things in ' safe ' places and then never knowing where that place may be after the fact. So currently the cable thingy for the camera thingy is missing in this massive house somewhere. Once I find this I will down load and get them on here. So be prepared for a mass amount of pics everyone. Likely by tomorrow or Wednesday.

So love to all for now and ....HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! It is going to be a good one I can feel it in my waters



Suburban Mum said...

Sounds like you had a good one. I bought a cream coat in the sales. And I have a small boy who likes to wear muddy wellington boots. Not terribly practical!

louisa said...

no but i bet you love that coat SM ?! cause tell you what I love my cream coat like no ones business lol
I actually did have a good one just went that little to quick if you know what I mean

Anonymous said...

I do love it, I do, I do!