Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For Art

Yes I am still alive :-)

Apologies to all for not writing been a wee bit busy and just never seems to be enough time in the damn day at present.

I am highly pissed off at the fact that I still cannot find the cable lead for the camera and now on top of that the cell phone charger has gone walkies as well in one of mum s 'safe' places. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Right so I have been skiing!!! YAAAAAA! I was terrified. The week leading up to going consisted of me having visuals of breaking my legs.
Do not get me wrong I can ski and I can ski well. I have been doing it since the age of roughly 3. My parents would put me and my siblings between their legs and poles in front for us to hang on to and then push us ( sometimes with force) down the hil ( this was before the time of those handy rein leash thingys they have now)
But the problem was that I have not skied in almost 6 years ! Mum kept saying ' ah don't worry kid it is just like riding a bike' YEAH RIGHT easy for you to say mother.
I have not used the news skis out on the market, the fatter shorter ones, I am used to straight long ones. Well let me tell you the new ski's freakin rock !!!!!

It was like riding a bike god dammit ! By the end of the first day I was cruisin my newly canadianed ass off. By the second I was lighting a fag as I loaded on the chair lift ( this takes skill people trust me) and I went into the ' park' and went of a jump, granted it was a feeble attempt but it was a jump all the same. I did feel slightly stilted when little bro George popped off a jump and did a 360. His buddy Alan, on snowboard, popped off and did a load of grabs, but still I rocked ( bear in mind George used to work on the hills as a lifty and the like so he is amazingly good. I refused to go cliff jumping with him and the boys . Even I know my limits people)

So all in all it was wicked. The conditions are the best I have ever known them to be with a base of snow just shy of 300cm and a average snow fall of like 5cm a night what more can you ask for?!
The weather was good. Was oinly minus 8 or so no wind and sun. Plus the slopes were dea. No one was there. They all got scared off when it went down to minus 28 during the week in Alberta but forgot that Marmot basin has a serious inversion going on. So while it may be minus 20 down int he town of jasper it is minus 8 up in the hills on Marmot.

So I do have pics I will post them I will kill mum for 'safely' hiding the cable.

P.S If you ever want to experince the best skiing of your life and fairly cheap go here I promise you will fall in love . There are so many Americans, Europeans and most of all Brits there now due to the amazing prices condition and staff
Marmot Rocks People !


art said...

this is sooooooooooo not fair! I'm going swimming now.

louisa said...

hey swim all you want buddy but at least I have poweder filled rockies a 2 hour drive away from where I live. Plus its cheap so ha!! ( god I love being smug you know )

Anonymous said...
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