Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Things on This side of The Pond

Well I am happy to report that some things on this side of the pond are just as good if not better then on th England side ( sorry England)

Firstly Clinique is cheaper way way cheaper!!! I just want to buy the whole damn place out every time I walk by it.
For example I bought my face wash for a cheap 20 bucks the other day. In the UK that would have cost me like almost 16 pounds !! so basically 40 bucks. Plus they have bonus time way more regularly over here then there. You only have to buy 25 bucks worth of stuff then you get all the bonus goodies. In the UK you have to buy at least 2 items to get the goodies. This normally averaged out at a cost of like 40 quid which is a lot of damn money in my books.
Note: Sorry boys who read this I do realise this is most likely inane female chatter but the girls will all know what the hell I am on about ok
Now just as a bit of info. If you want to buy good face wash and evn better skin cream this is what you need to buy NOW :

I used to use the bar of soap which is just as good but this is asier to use and it seems to last for freaking ever as well. Your skin feels clean it just feels damn clean !

I used the gel version shown here in the UK because the UK is no where near as dry as here. It is so light weight and works majic on your skin. Now that I am in Canada and it is the virtual artic tundra that it is I am now using the cream as my skin is soooo dry.

So thats the first thing that is so good about here everything is cheap.

Secondly :
IKEA ! My big blue and yellow mecca. I have professed my love of the swedish haven before but I love it even more now. I had to go there today for mum and can safely say it is even cheaper here! I know people hate it and I know that you have to build your own shit but come on people the swedish furniture kings started a whole new generation of furniture buyers when they created that place. It is my age demographic they were aiming for and lets be honest they did and are doing a damn good job.
I have ear marked every piece of furniture I want when I actually buy my own place ( the plan is summer/fall this year) I cannot wait. I have picked up the ikea big book and I am ready to roll big time

So there you go good things in the frozen north do exist ( not so frozen going up to plus 8 on Thursday HA Art see its not always cold here. Granted I can't exactly go to the lake in a swimsuit but its warm at least)


Anonymous said...

Also, you know, that major purchase called a HOUSE is considerably cheaper too!

louisa said...

I KNOW !!! So happy for you Emma. I did try ( and have been trying ) to leave a comment on your blog forever but it keeps telling me I have the wrong password ( even changed it to be sure )
So will try and leave another comment today.
Oh yeah houses may be cheap out your way but in Edmonton right now they are going through the damn roof. Saying that still cheaper then on the other side of the pond