Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And He leads One of the Super Powers of the Free World

Can George W Bush ( or knobhead as I prefer to call him or Giant Ass Monkey ) make it through one speech and pronounce all his words correctly ??

Do you think he actually knows what half the worlds he is saying means ? Highly unlikely

The word is Nuclear pronounced : N-U-C-L-E-A-R



You are a Ass wipe buddy !

I also have a theory that GW is in the early onset of dimensia. He always has that look of deer in the headlights
The look of :
' where the hell am I ? Who am I ? What am I supposed to be saying and talking about ?'

Seriously you watch him closely next time (yes I know that may be hard to do for some) and you will see what I mean
Next thing we know this guy will be drooling and wetting his pants


Suburban Mum said...

He also says Amerca instead of America and tourism instead of terrorism. Got to get rid of those tourists.

louisa said...

Oh the man is a big huge ass
He also creates whole new words in the english language such as my personal favorite:

" misunderestimate"


Suburban Mum said...

And I believe he said something along the lines of "most of our imports come from abroad" or something like that. Idiot!

Suburban Mum said...

I might try and use "misunderestimate" at least once today. I like that word.

louisa said...

hey he used it 4 times in the same damn speach !
Big Ass ! god I do not like the little texan midget

Anonymous said...

it's amazing what a horrendously poor grasp the man has on english.

louisa said...

I can truly say Jonathan it is one of the most painful things I go through when I have to listen to that man babble. You cannot call it speaking thats for damn sure.

I can now only thank my parents for drilling into me the use of proper english such as the various tenses