Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Loving Other Peoples Blogs Right Now and a Update on Cameragate

So I am loving others writings of late. I find myself lying in my old room ( since moving back to Canada and living with mum I have reconnected with my youth. I am in my old room with the same smiley face light fixture and the same scary window that I thought owls hung around as a child ready to snatch me ...I was a melodramatic child) till late in the night 'trolling' the blog world.
There is something strangely appealing and intriguing about reading about others lives and trials. There is something educating and amazing about it.
Admittedly it makes me extremely jealous that I am such a crap writer. But even more importantly it proves to me that I am not the only average person in some bedroom writing about... well any old crap.
I seem to have a continious stream of thought and when I write on my blog it is exactly what is running through my brain at that point and onto the key pad ( hence the shit spelling and the never ending sentences) I have noticed I am not the only one to do this and it rocks people !!

So anyway there are a few blogs that I read everyday , some what stalker like ( sorry ). It gets bad as when they do not post for a bit I start thinking ' god damn write something for christsakes !'
http://www.suburbanmum.com/ is a regular for me. I just love the way she writes. It is too a never ending stream of thoughts. Plus her site is whickedly set up and I always love visiting it ( I get jealous when I look at Suburban mums site ! )
http://www.dooce.com/ if you do not know about Heather Armstrong and the Armstrong clan then you have been living in a shack under a rock in siberia. I can only highly reccomend you get over there and read her. She has the ability to make everything so fucking funny people. Personal favorites are when she posts the various amounts of hate mail from readers. The most recent from a hate mailer named ' Catherine' caused sheer outcry including 3 comments from myself. She is whicked and part of the reason why I love blogging.
http://www.wittydomainname.com/index.html Lisa is sooooo coool. No one writes about their pregnancy like she does. The ticker on baby blog is worth it alone for the weekly countdown to birth and the new comments under it each week sample of comments such as the following: Mommy's glad her morning sickness is subsiding. Just wait till she sees the stretch marks and varicose veins I've got coming for her !! I'm 20 weeks and 3 days old, only 137 days to go !

So these are the mommy ones. I have no idea why I like the mommy ones so much considering I want nothing to do with the life suckers I call children but I do there is something extremely funny about what they write about. They have all written things that have made me laugh cringe and even cry like a year old. They know how to write and it is cool!
I will list others that I read in a next post.

Now update on camera gate. I have yet more great pics on mums digital camera. Being Scottish from my Dad we went the the 15th Med companies Mess dinner for Robbie Burns night on Saturday. I was looookkkinn FINE !! black ball gown hair down slap on and heels. I have pics to prove. I still have no usb cable !! Her safe hiding place has yet to reveal its self. I went to the camera store to buy a new one...... NOT POSSIBLE ! she has a odd ball camera and the cable has to be ordered direct from the camera makers. This of course blows dead goats big style. So the plan is to rip the house apart and find the fucker
Future updates to flow
Lou x
( yeah yeah yeah my spelling is terrible so do not bother telling me I already know :-)


Suburban Mum said...

Awww, I love you! :)
(I've already said, if you want me to help you do a site, all you need do is ask).

louisa said...

AWW I love you too !! lol lol

I will be calling on your amazing services for sure but will let you get up north settle in and get acustomed to the dragon in law as a daily pain in the ass !!

Anonymous said...

welcome back to this side of the pond! i lived in liverpool for a a long time -- the UK is great, but it's nice to be back in north america, no?

louisa said...

Well thank you Jonathan. Have to say it rocks to be back but I do desperately miss Manchester and Liverpool as well to be truthful !

I miss the football god I miss the football ha ha
But being able to ski whenever I want kinda makes up for the longing of the UK