Monday, November 27, 2006

Patience Please All ( 2nd Edition)

Right second time writing this !!

I will be posting a fullsized post soon. I have limited access to a pc right now. But that is all about to change as mum has got wireless and satlite coming ( bring on the BBC !!!! )

Here are some tidbits to keep you all going :

. I have a new car. 2007 silver golf by the name of Greta ( yes I name my cars and yes she rocks this world !! )
. Cleo travelled well is happy and terrozing the existing cat, the old ginger tom named dikker ( secretly we think dikker loves cleo)
. IT IS FUCKING COLD !!! Seriously people todays high is minus 23 it is currently minus 27 !! hmmmm yeah thats cold
. Canada freakin rocks !! I am very happy

Right I will email all of you individually as well when get a chance
will also take pics soon and post them as well


art said...

minus 27?!? f***. Think I'll stay right here in good old Florida 75

Anonymous said...

Hertfordshire was a balmy 14 degrees today. SH nearly went to work in shorts (but he's a hardy northerner).

louisa said...

thanxs you two that makes me feel all the bloody better !!! hmm cheers for that both of you

( least I will have a whote xmas so nah nah boo boo !! :-)