Thursday, November 16, 2006

True Wife Confession : I Love this Site

A few days ago I click on a link from Art's website ( I have not clue how to make those useful links with someones name !! I am truly usless when it comes to anything computer orientated just so you know) and I was hooked.

The site is called True Wife confession and it is a brilliant idea as far as I am concerned . Basically a load of women and men to ( I think ) confess to all on the site. It is anonymous so no one needs know who you are.

There are some brilliant confessions such as :
Confession #1171Dear Hubby:You know how "we" agreed that we were going to keepthe thermostat at 68 this winter and not "waste money"on foolish things like heat and warmth? Well, I justcan't do it. As soon as you go to work in themorning, I crank the old thermostat up to 75. Roasty,toasty warm. I LOVE HEAT!!!!

there are some really really bad confessions such as:
Confession #1126We've been together for 11 years now. I've alreadycheated on you twice, both times ended every badly asI became immediately needy and clingy to these men. Itwasn't about the sex but rather being around a man whoI found exciting and smarter than I was.Someone who made their own decisions. Someone who hadambition. Someone who treated me badly.You don't know about those other men and I have nointention to tell you. I like to think it's because itwould hurt you too badly and I haven't done it forgoing on 6 years now but in reality, it's because Iwant to keep the door open for other opportunities. Idon't want you looking over my shoulder.There's another man at work who fits all theaforementioned criteria. I know that if I continueworking there we will both end up cheating on ourspouses. I know it yet I am hoping it happens. Idaydream about him and make little excuses to stop byhis office.He invites me to go out with a group of people afterwork but I haven't gone. Yet. I know it's wrong and Iknow it only end in tears. Why am I doing this to us?Why can't you see that I can't be the one in controlbecause I only fuck everything up? Why can't you see that?

There are some really lovely ones as well:
Confession #1077Last night while I watched you soothe our baby when she was feeling sick itmade my heart want to burst. It's so true that watching a man be a daddy canmake you love him even more. 7 years, 3 children.... I love you more than Iever imagined I could.

And finally there are some truly sad ones that maybe want to make you cry:
Confession #1023Hubby,I am sorry I let myself go after having the baby. I hate being fat. I wish I had the sheer will power to be anorexic. When we met I was a size 4, now I'm 20W. It makes me insecure about our relationship and I take out my low self-esteem on you as a defense mechanism.

The point is that these various people feel the need to let these things out. They feel that this is the best and least hurtful way to do it. And to be honest I actually agree with that.
It is like vouyerism on a extreme level as you read through all the confession but you will find you cannot stop your self.
Have to say a large number of them made be laugh out loud and almost spit coffee out my nose as I read them.
Just think it is a really interesting sight ( this is the only way I can think of describing it to be honest )


art said...

thanks for the props. The confession site is really addicting to say the least.

louisa said...

good god yes. all I have done for the last 3 days at work is read that site ( purely because I refuse to do anymore work considering tomorrow is my last day )
Your welcome by the way :-0

madeleine said...

Hi, I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I am trying to get a site up and running similar the Space Travel blog.

cindy said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

I love that site
I go there every day