Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Say Anything about how warm it is Where You are And I swear there will be words Said to you !!

First of all before I say anything else I need to say one thing. One very very important thing!! I AM FUCKING FREEZING GOD DAMMIT !! Oh my god I am cold what was I thinking coming back in winter. Right now onto the rest of it now that is out of the way ha ha !!

Yes I am back in Canada!! Cat and I made it in one piece ….. Barely. The flights themselves were just fine in fact they were pretty damn good to be honest.
Unfortunately I missed not 1 but 2 connecting flights. It took me almost 3 hours to clear Cleo through customs and the inspection people. So I missed the first flight then missed the amended time second flight. So rather then getting in Edmonton at 6pm got in at 11:30.

Cleo traveled really well and was so looked after by everyone. He was brilliant with his first flight from Manchester to Calgary. But I think the second flight royally freaked him out. This would be due to the fact that it was just a propeller plane. Really really small probably a lot colder and much louder. Was to funny though because when I got of that plane and the family was all there to meet me we did not know where to get the cat from. So mum went to ask the info lady. She just pointed down this long very empty stretch of airport and said he is on the oversized luggage belt. We turn around and look down this long hall way and all you can see is the cat crate all by its lonesome on this conveyor belt and hearing this rather desperate pathetic meek meow!! he was not happy at this point.

I have settled in just fine with mum and the house all came second nature really. Cleo has been fine as well hide for about 2 days and now wanders around as if he owns the joint. He also insists on terrorizing poor Dikker out rather elderly and very fat cat. He does not take to kindly to this.

I had to pay off (Note: mum paid to be frank) a large amount of parking fines all 600 bucks worth before could re new license and get car so spent the first days doing all that.

Most importantly though is that I have bought a brand spanking new car! She is a 2007 silver golf 4 door. I have named her Greta Gwendolyn Taylor. She rocks! We have already done 2 360”s through 1 major intersection. This would be due to the horrendous weather we got on Thursday. Snow, wind, lots and lots of wind and minus 25 weather. It was like an ice rink. So I have had a rapid introduction into winter driving again.
I have been temping for Mums Company on various jobs to keep me going. However I have had a job interview for the same line of work I had in the UK. I was both happy and a bit let down. I was seriously let down by the basic wage of 35,000 bucks a year. However I was very pleased with the profit sharing scheme. I was shown figures for the last year and these guys walked away with half their year’s wage 2 years on the trot each April. So you are talking about a lump sum payout of like 15 k! Plus they have monthly bonuses of at least 1500 to 2500. He said this is almost a given due to the market over here and everyone is making a hell of a lot of money. So with the bonus it would work out to about 50,000 – 60,000 a year. So I have to think about this. Plus I have another interview with one of my old customers next Friday. Luckily this is an employees marker currently.

So that is it. I will post pictures of all sorts shortly for all to see including: Greta the golf (before I get creamed by a big truck and destroy her), the snow more snow and more snow, Cleo terrorizing dikker endlessly, and best of all Cleo playing on his gigantic new cat tree (they make everything bigger over here) and falling off. This last one was hour of amusement for mum and me seriously was.

Till next time everyone x


Anonymous said...

Hey Louisa!

I feel your pain. It's just as cold and snowy in Saskatoon!! When I'm back in town for Christmas I'll be sure to avoid your car as it slides through numerous intersections.


art said...

I'm glad you and your cat made the trip ok. Hugs
ps..... one more things high of 84 with a low of 68 tonight



louisa said...

karin - you will likely have to avoid me as I have visions of greta and me ice skating through all major intersections for the next 6 months !!
Art - PISS OFF YOU SMUG GIT !! I hope it rains endlessly where you are and that it gets gross and humid and you suffer for it :-) Hugs back all the same though

art said...

LOL It's not 'rainy season' here right now, it's 'winter', you know highs of 80 lows in the mid 60's ((brrrrrr). lol Ok I'm off to go google what a 'smug git' is.

Suburban Mum said...

It's actually quite chilly here today, you'll be pleased to hear. (Come on - I'm British, I have to talk about the weather, it's the law.)

I love the bit about your cat going round on the conveyor belt on his own! If your cat can cope with transatlantic flights, I'm sure mine can cope with 4 hours in a car - that's made me feel better.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

It's 10C here today. :) *runs and hides*

louisa said...

i would have expected some loyality from you my fellow Canadian Lisa !! have to say has warmed up and is now only minus 1 ! woooo big hooo!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Louisa - from you old mate in South Wales! - Did you remember to claim that airport car par fee before you left? I hope so ! Take care and have a good 'un. S.xxx

louisa said...

SIMON !!! oh how I miss your welsh voice !!
I keep meaning to email you and then well you know me ... memory like a springer spaniel and well useless as well !! but will have internet at home as of tonight so will promise to send a big email to you asap.
Lou xx