Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drunken Sunday Dinner for Friends to Meet My Mum

While my mum was over we had a big Sunday Roast for my friends to meet my mum.

So mum and I ( yes I helped loads !! ) cooked a big lamb roast dinner and I even made pumpkin pie as I had missed Thanskgiving the weekend before.

Had 4 friends over, Mason and Emma who married last year. Mason is a painter and one of my best best friends in the world the man simply rocks !! Emma his wife studies biolodgy and specialises in ....spiders .... seriously spiders.
Amanda and ian who live together. Amanda and I have been best friends since I arrived in the UK and love her to bits, she works in recruitment. Ian who is her boyfriend is a doll and the loveliest guy out there oh and one of the absolute funniest people I have met, pee your pants funny !!
Anyway the evening was a blast. They all thought the sun shines out of mums ass ( which I am sure it does sometimes ha ) and that the food was amazing. The pumpkin pie, which none of them had ever tried before, was a hit and a half. So much so they all took some home with them in pure joy.
9 bottles of wine later and a Mason who could barely stand up for all the food he ate it has to be said the even was declared a pure sucess.

See evidence below :

The must have pose for the picture shot

Ian taking a pic however when you look at it it seems he is taking a shot of the ceiling ??? and then Amanda and Mason beisde him

Hmmmmmm whippy cream in a can straight into the mouth !!! Nothing better !!! ( this is emma by the way masons wife )

Mason Realising after the whippy cream incident that this was his wife and what had he done marrying her ?!?! ( kidding he loves her to bits

And finally ..... The rockin Mummy !!!


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art said...

great pictures thanks for sharing. it looks like you all had a fun time

louisa said...

it was fun and somewhat alchol induced fun as well , buts always a bonus in my books anyway !! ha