Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Attack of the killer Geese and Ducks

( Second time trying to write this as pc is offically possessed !0
When my mum was over here we went to Bakewell in Derby. Amazing and lovely place but also full of ducks and geese.

In all my wisdom and common sense i decided to buy a loaf of bread to feed all the ' pretty ducks and geese' what a dumb ass move that was !!!

They are nasty bastards !! You ever seen the size of a canadian gooses beak !?!? Now try imaging 15 of em trying to get at your yummy loaf of bread as if they were starving birds from third world countries ( bear in mind that i was about 1 of 10 people with food for them so no they were not starving third world birds ! )

See pics below as evidence:

The ducks were not so bad mainly because they are a damn sight smaller then the geese. Note the random seagull muscling in on the act ( shit rockets as I like to call them )

At this point I had noted the evil glint in this gooses eyes as he moved rapidly to the banks eying up my big ass bag of food !!

At this point the goose had launched himself up on the bansk and i could have sworn i heard him laughing in a rather sinister way. I made a very quick retreat while him and his gang of 10 other equally big evil looking birds followed me in a trance like waddle

Note: I do realise my spelling is crap people and yes I do have spell check but seems as thought my possessed pc is not allowing me to spell check today .... so just live with it ok !?


art said...

LOL I think a lot of these geese vacation here in Florida. We feed the ducks and birds bread and they just follow us home from the pond. I've woken many a morning to ducks quacking outside my sliding glass doors waiting on bread. lol

louisa said...

see they can be your new adopted family ok possibly a slightly smelly feathery adopted family but they taste damn good cooked ......

yeah anyway they scared the shit out of me !

art said...

hmmmmm never tried duck. hmmmmm. They taste like chicken? lol The funny little ducks will follow us everywhere once you feed them. we even have some that will eat out of our hands.