Monday, November 13, 2006

Life Could Mildly Suck Right Now .... If I let it !

Well 5 days. 5 days till life starts all over. 5 days till I leave everything behind here. 5 days till I am ..... Well home really. It is a odd kinda feeling you know.

Saturday was my leaving do. I did have a brilliant time however there were a few issues. Firstly that not as many people came as I had hoped (see now I sound like fucking billy no mates, it’s not true I do have mates promise) so I just felt slightly let down by that but that soon vanished anyway.
The main things are the following:
1. I looked fucking fantastic!!! Particularly my legs in the heels and the amazing cleavage I had going on!! I will not blow my own horn to much here but heads turned boys looked at me and it felt fantastic!
2. The most important friends were there and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day right! I have fucking brilliant friends and they were there and it almost made me want to cry in happiness that they were there
3. I drank so so much. Now this could be classed as a bad thing but it was not because I just seemed to enjoy myself more anyway the more I drank!! Plus the booze made me forget that others had not turned up. After a few everything seems great.
And finally........
4. I hooked up with someone! Yes I am a slapper yes I know that this is bad! But you know what.... I could give 2 flying fucking frogs what others may or may not think!! I loved it!! I loved the fact that someone seemed to genuinely find me attractive. I loved the fact that I made no effort what so ever to pursue this person they did the chasing! I loved the fact that I was told I was beautiful (even if he was drunk who the fuck cares at the time it rocked my god damn freaking world everyone!)

There is a down side to all of this though. Obviously I am not going to divulge who this random hook up was as that would be not so nice for the person. I will say this it was not some random drunken boy. It was someone I know through work and it is someone that probably secretly I fancied purely for his cheeky sense of humour I have had the pleasure of dealing with for the last year.
The down side is this: had this been a year ago I would have pushed for things to go further (obviously if he wanted to be not talking stalker girl here ok!) I would have gone weak in the knees thinking about him and well his cheekiness!
But alas I can't can I? Because in exactly 120 hours I will be boarding a plane to go back to Canada with no intent of ever returning. So quite frankly I have not allowed myself to react to this. I have made myself realise this was a bit of fun and that I am leaving this country with a bang .,..... Literally ( sorry mum I so know you are reading this in horror right now)

So I will enjoy it for what it was and leave it at that , thanks Vern ...... (This is not his realy name do not worry!!)


art said...

lucky guy

Anonymous said...

Was it Yoon?