Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Long Overdue Entry ....Sorry

Big apologies for the complete lack of post lately. Life has been manic and more manic but also good.

First of all it was my Birthday yesterday. Woooo Hooooo ME!!! I am a big old 28 years now!! Oh the joy 2 more years till 30 relocating back to another country and living alone with a cat oh the joy !

My mum was over from Canada for the last 2 weeks and we had a brilliant time been wicked.
Spent the first week with me here in the UK and we shopped basically. Shopped endlessly!! Which is a bad thing when you are trying to downsize and ship yourself and all you own back to Canada? I acquired yet more shoes (3 pairs in fact) and yet more cloths (to many to list actually)
The second week we went to Brussels to see my lovely sister. We stayed in her amazing stunning flat. Seriously I was so so jealous it was truly lovely. Plus it completely suits Alex to a T was so impressed with it.
Alex took mum and me to the Belga Queen for my Birthday meal on Thursday. It is a seriously posh seriously expensive and famous restraunt. The food was unreal but the goings on are what made the night. First of all was the bathroom incident with mum. Right so we go to the bar as we wait for our table and mum goes the bathroom. So when she gets back she has a peculiar look on her face. She said ‘the bathrooms are very avient garde’ we said what do you mean mum. She then proceeds to tell us that although there are doors it is firstly unisex. I was thinking no biggy been in them before. Then she says its all reflections and mirrors but that the doors are frosted but see through!!!! She advises us to use the left stall as it is more hidden and to kind of huddle in the corner so no one sees us.
So off I went to the toilets thinking ‘Hmm this will be odd’ Get in the left stall close the door and then realise what a tit my lovely mum is!!
Although the doors were frosted and see through, there was a way of fixing that: turning the locking knob on the door. When you did this the glass instantly went white and was no longer seeing through!!! My mother took a pee in plain view of all in a very posh restraunt soooooo damn funny !!
There was another goings on even better though. The 2 tables behind us were very clearly full of famous people. Like hell we could figure out who they were!!! There was one table with a nanny 4 young cute boys and 1 what was obviously an adopted Chinese toddler. The table beside them was the parents. It appears they were a rock group who will be forever known as aging Belgium rockers. Seriously aging!! They may not have been Belgium but they were obviously famous. Mum took some pictures of Alex and I and as soon as she did that 4 massive body guards popped up out of no where behind aging Belgium rockers!!!! they head lady at the restraunt very politely came over and asked if for the moment we could not take pictures ….. We stopped the body guards where scary assed mo fos !!!

So yeah that’s it really nothing else new. Oh yeah


art said...

they have unisex bathrooms with see thru doors? I've seen clubs like that but not a bathroom. Happy Birthday to you!!!

louisa said...

yep it was a very odd bathroom very posh though!! thanxs 4 the happy b day !!

art said...

I'm not a real shy person so it really wouldn't have bothered me in the least I just found it odd is all. I have seen the port a potty where you can see out but they can't see in and wondered who thinks up this stuff????? You really should tale pictures in your birthday suit for your birthday you know? But seriously,I hope you have a wonderful B'day!