Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Date : Help Needed !!

I have a date in a few nights time and have to fully admit to the fact that I am bricking it !!

I have not been on a date in ages. Now this is not because I am a anti social cow or because I have 3 eyes 2 arms and smell like wee. But basically because I just have not had the time with work and well life in general getting in the way. Also if I am perfectly honest not had the desire to date until recently either.

I know to people who know me I appear to be confident and fairly self assured but when I get into 1 to 1 situations particularly with the opposite sex my heart feels like a 90 year olds that has been forced onto a tremill!! it is a terrible yet good feeling. Good you ask why ? Well to me it means I still care that I still have the desire to date to have fun etc.

So yeah date: It has become a slight dilema as to what to wear!! Every girl has this problem across the world and I am no different except for one thing. In the last year anda half I have lost almost 6 stone. I have regained a figure I almost forgot I had. I have grown a self confidence that almost borders on cocky. But I still have that niggling feeling of ' not enough weight has been lost' I do still need to loss weight another 2 stone and I am finished. So when it comes to clothing I can't make my mind up !! I need to wear things that make me look better then I may be ( every girl does this )
I has been narrowed down to a skirt or jeans. At work yesterday I was asked what I would wear and I could not give a straight answer. So a poll was started amongst the men I work with. The conclusion was this: It has to be a skirt due to the fact that my one major asset is my legs. I was blessed with good good legs and have had this confirmed by the very alpha males at work. So I am on the brink of making a decisive decision. Of course I have changed my mind 16 times since then but still I am closer then I was a week ago.
But there was one thing that has made my week out of all this. It was when I was told at work that when I started wearing skirts recently people were in shock. Mainly the guys. They had no idea what was under my issue black pants and plain top. They all said that they saw legs and good ones and a figure and not a bad one! Fully admit my ego blew up at this point !!
So there we go aside from bricking it about the actual date I am bricking it about the cloths the shoes the trip to the date. I mean I am bricking it about pretty much everything.
I feel 16 again ( althoguh did not date much then either !! )

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