Friday, August 04, 2006

Briton's Reality Check

Two nights ago I watched a program on the BBC about football hooligans in Germany this year at the world cup.
I was disgusted. I was embarrassed. I was angry. I was so many things rolled into one that I was holding myself back from again throwing something at my tiny little TV.

When ever I broach the subject of hooliganism with friends and colleagues I get the same response, ' its to that common' or ' it used to be worse'. Come on people !!!! Stop making excuses and trying to say it used to be bad and it is not common. It is bad it is common and it is criminal.

I watched both uneducated and educated men and women doing not what I call hooliganism but crimes! They had nothing but hatred and violence in their bodies eyes and voices. I saw a innocent England fan, older who got caught up in the ' firms' fighting and then separated from his young son ! This is my eyes is appalling.

These are grown men who are not there to watch football, who are not there to support their city and country teams. They are there for the soul purpose of causing pain, misery, trouble, criminal damage and more. These people think they are big and strong and cool for being in their silly childish firms. They think it is cool to go to a foreign country and do this.

Britain as a whole does not have to wonder why there is little respect across Europe for our country. People in Britain do not need to wonder why the rest of Europe looks down on our booze fueled antics at any major sporting event. The answer is smack in your face people!!! You allow people with no class no sense and no ability to behave like civilized normal members of society represent your country at these events.
Not enough is done to solve this. The heads seem to be forever deep in the sand. Stop kidding yourselves with the thought that this is not the minority but in fact the majority. That this problem is actually now getting worse and worse each year. We need to stop calling them hooligans they are criminals !! Calling them hooligans only romances it to these people it makes it cool and a status thing to them.
So the reality check is this Britain: wake up smell the hooliganism and sort out your problems in your own backyard with your own people.

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pete edginton said...

wow, u seem to have got quite worked up over this one. All I would say is dont believe everything you see on the telly. The press love it, it fills up the pages etc. How many England fans went to Germany, bloody lots and how many got in or caused trouble, not that many. I hate to say it but it is true that its a lot better than it used to be. My Grandma used to say Rome was not built in a day!