Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Have Returned from the Motherland

Hello all !!! So sorry not been very active on here. I have been in the homeland ( Canada ) and decided that I would not post whilst there as computers remind me of work to be frank!!!

I am going to be short on this post due to fact that I am jet lagged like a bastard right now and fear I may fall asleep and drool on my key board ha ha !!!

But here are some pictures for you all:

I had to put this one on as it is one of the very very if not the only photo I have ever liked of myself was so impressed !!!!

My lovely mum. Had a great time with her and the family and surprise surprise we did not even fight !!!!

My Uncle Murray and my brothers girlfriend the beautiful Amanda

AND FINALLY ....... My not so little brother on the left , George and his best friend and good friend to me as well Ricardo or otherwise known as ' The Latin lover'

Now there are loads more pics which will post over the next little while and tell you all more !!


Lee said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look completely different in every photo? LOL

louisa said...

yeah i know !!!!! its weird !!! ibut have to say never liked any pics until that one lol lol

Lee said...

I'm the same, I avoid cameras constantly - I've only ever liked one photo out of the thousands I've had taken.

You have very kissable lips though, if you don't mind me saying ;-)

louisa said...

why you cheeky flirt !!!!! ha ha yeah no do not mind though lol lol lol !!!

Lee said...

'cheeky flirt'???

First time I've been called that, lol