Sunday, June 11, 2006

Great Things

What more can a girl ask for when living in the UK and being Canadian more importantly Edmonton...... England winning there first match of the world cup ( a win is a win guys stop moaning !! )
Edmonton winning game 3 of the Stanley cup final !!!

Yesterday I went to exchange square to watch the mighty lions and loved it. The atmosphere was wicked the weather was amazing and the beer was surprisingly cheap only downside :
SUNBURN !! Even with factor 20 on I was crispy like a duck all you need was the pancakes and hoi sin sauce !

Last night it got better. When I was just about to get to bed I flipped over and low and behold at 1 am that morning the hockey game was on live !!! I set my alarm for 1 am dragged self out of bed and managed to watch the first 2 quarters. I finally thought ' I am fallin asleep here record it you doozy mare ! ' so I did.
I just finished watching the 3rd quarter and jumped wooped and yelled in excitement in the plus 30 weather !!! They won !!! It was wicked !!

Anyway countdown to going home has begun. I have done nothing packed nothing cleaned very little and running out of time but it is just to hot !!
I found a amazing designer bag in TK Max and will likely treat myself ( 20 pounds reduced from 140 !! ) and the old hair is getting a well deserved chop tomorrow as well. So at least I have my priorities straight .... Yeah right !!! But at least I am less then a week from good old Canada and its greatness !

that's about it folks . Off to the center of the universe again *( Bracknell that is ) on Wednesday and Thursday and then fly out Saturday morning
Will keep you all up to date promise !
Lots of love and keep cool in this weather !


justacoolcat said...

We lost the first round, damnit anyway.

I am pulling for Edmonton, no hockey team South of the MAson-Dixon line deserves the Stanley Cup

urban gypsy said...

I thought you'd gone for good when I started reading your post. That would've been fast work. You mentioned sunburn you see, and that threw me. The Lions, Exchange Square, crispy duck... ahhh, all things English! Can't get crispy duck out here, or at least I've never seen it on any menus. Have a good vaycay.

Anonymous said...
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