Monday, July 10, 2006

The Animals in My Life

I have a large amount of animals linked to me ( pets and the like that is !! ) so here are a few pictures of some of them for you . The only one missing is Clio/Leo the gender confused cat. I will some day attempt to pin him down and get a picture. By the way he has got a new obsession ......Bubbles the damn cat is in love with bubbles ..... God he is weird !

Ah Penny. This dog rocks !!!!! She leads the life of Riley with Mum now getting all the scraps, a pig ear every night before bed and she even has her own special blanket .... On mum's bed and sleeps with her . Like I said life of Riley !!!

Dikker. Possibly one of the fattest animals I have ever had in my life !!! Although mum has politely informed me that he has recently lost weight.....Where I ask where ?!?!

Edward the Donkey. Now he is possessed by Satan of the Donkey world but he is the coolest damn donkey of the underworld !!!

THUNDER !!!!! The biggest hugest horse ever seen !!! He looks big and he is big, Mum calls him Big Boy. He is actually as soft as a marshmallow give this boy food and he is yours for life !

So there you go a few animals for you to see !


Lee said...

I am sooo jealous! I have always wanted a Donkey, mainly just because I think it's cool to say you have a donkey (and when times are hard, you can take it to the beach and make a living!).

Instead, I have to make do with my (non-gender confused) cat.

louisa said...

yeah he is a very cool donkey but have to say can never imagine edward being a beach donkey think he would actually try and eat the kids !!!

hey you should try havinga gender confused cat makes life way more interesting in a 1 bedroom flat !!

Lee said...

Well, my cat isn't gender-confused, but I swear she think's she's a dog. She's the only cat I know that will play 'catch' with you, and will sit in the bath playing with bubbles!