Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Brown Boy

Today as promised to my lovely brown boy, Ricardo, I am going to write about him. Now we can call this a type of classified as I have a plan to sell this boy to the single women of the world. Although it cannot just be any old women she has to be at least smart, relatively good looking , smallish, and able to put up with Richie's ego as well ( yes you have a ego my boy and you know it!!!! ha ha )

Ricardo is actually one of my not so little brothers best friends and if I am honest probably turned out to be one of my best friends as he is the nicest guy out there.

Here is ' the brown boys heritage : Venezuelan,Peruvian,Swiss and Canadian ( god I hope I got that right ) As you can tell he is a basic bog standard Heinz 57 with a little Latin flavor thrown in for good measure.
*( before you get offended as some might, the brown boy reference is a term of affection from the Taylor family to him we also call him our house boy as well. Deep down we know he loves it !! )

Anyway he rocks in his own little Latin way. At Christmas he joined us all in the North for New Years in the UK, it was a experience I will never forget !!!!

Not only did he believe that all English women loved him ( some may have ) he also thought he had the best English accent ever !!! HE DIDN'T !! It was terrible in fact it was so so embarrassing when he did it in public that we all ran away as far as possible. On one occasion we all went shopping at Cheshire Oaks on the new years bank holiday. Richie and Phil ( other best mate, Very very tall Blonde Dutch Commando) decided that they were going to test their theory that the accent was perfection and worked at all times. As we walked through the packed Oaks both boys started yelling ' OI LOOK AT THESE FIT BIRDS WE ARE WITH !!!!!!!' My mum was so embarrassed and amused at the same time that she was laughing so hard she nearly wet herself and hiding behind any large object she could find!!! And that is Richie through and through takes the piss has a laugh and can be a giant yet lovable pain in the ass at times.

When ever he comes to visit us when we are at Mum's she always says after he leaves' what a lovely lovely guy ' sickening isn't it !!! We think she would love to pass him off as one of her own , be difficult considering he is the brown boy and we are as white as the driven snow. But I am sure she would find a way if she could.

So there is a taste of the Latin boy for you all and below a few pics as well ( you will soon see what I mean when I say he thinks he is gods gift !! ha ha ) I hope you enjoyed this rather long ramble about one person.
it had to be done. I can safely say that one of the reasons I am happy to move back home is because I can piss about with Richie when I get back and know a guaranteed good time and laugh is to be had !!!

' yes ladies I am ready and waiting all yours'

' I am the man and everyone knows it'

This boy loves his food and always charms his way into a good meal at Mum's


justacoolcat said...

Hmmm, he may be a good match for my sister.

louisa said...

yeah to be frank Richie is a good match for just abotu anyone!

He is also a psychologist ( yeah spelt that wrong ) and has his own teeth and car ...... bonus as far as I am concerned !

Anonymous said...

As "Richie's" boss I have to say I have never had such a good laugh at work as the girls and I did after reading this!

louisa said...

wicked !!!! i take requests if you want more laughs let me know I am more then will to provide them for you all !!!
have some lets say interesting stories of our little brown boy and his goings on