Friday, May 19, 2006

Yes I am Important ... I think

I have been given a new mission at work: Go sort out the staff in our office down south ( I will not name where down south as I have never named who I work for for fear of it biting me back in the ass so office down south will be known as TSO = The shit office )

When I was given the mission by my big head cheese boss I was thinking hmm piece of piss this mission : make the staff do their jobs the right way , follow procedures stop cocking up etc.

I was wrong

I have spent two days at the TSO and felt as though everything I said to them was listened to but not complete taken on board. I got the feeling that as I was saying all this vital ( and extremely important ) information they were thinking in their heads ' Ah she leaves tomorrow so does not matter if we do what she says' I noticed this on the first day. When I was in my hotel room that night I thought of a cunning plan to get them to listen ... I would threaten them!! ha ha
So yesterday morning I informed them that over the next week I would be running daily reports and that if I saw any errors I would come down on them like a ton of very angry Canadian bricks . I am now hoping this is going to work but not holding my breath.

Part of the problem is that I am just a normal worker ( non management ) and I am basically going into a office and not only telling other normal workers how to sort themselves out but the office manager. How do I do that without making the situation worse??? Not easy is it ?!

So that is what I am doing for the foreseeable future ( no end date has been given to me ) I will keep you up to date on the boringness of my life at present which I am sure will make for thrilling reads for you all
Will attempt to spice it up but its pretty hard to be honest ha ha !!

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