Monday, May 15, 2006

My successful Attempts of De- Hermitization

I have had successful social attempts at de-hermitting myself, so proud .... So proud.

On Friday I went out with one of my closest friends Mason. Mason is a true gentlemen a star and a genuinely nice and kind person. He is also slightly off kilter and his wife Emma has the patience of a bloody saint as far as I am concerned!

He is also a brilliant painter. I am still pestering him for a Mason Banks painting and I will get one before ai leave this island ! He is 40 well almost 40 ( so love rubbing int he fact that he is almost 40) so yeah he rocks basically.
We went out to Chorlton and promised each other that we would not get pissed that we would be responsible adults. We were out by 4 and halfway to pissed by half 4 !! However we did not get stupid pissed make a full of yourself drunk. It was lovely have to say was really nice to get out with Mason and talk about some seriously mind altering intelligent stuff ( this intelligent talk only happens once and a while for me as otherwise my brain would explode due to overload of info)

Then Saturday came round. I had made the decsion that I would take it easy as I had overloaded myself with social things on Friday and did not want to push my luck. I went to the gym for the first time in a week ( cold = bad bad breathing = no gym what so ever ! ) I went hell for leather and loved every minute of it !! I miss the gym when I am not there. I actually miss the feeling of pushing myself that little bit further each time. Trying to see if I can do better then the previous visit. And that was what I did on this visit suffered for it mind you but loved it.
I got a message from my great gym buddy Tracey saying come over tonight share a bottle and help me pack for the big move . Was very very tempted to say no but gave myself a shake and thought screw it out you go Lou. Jesus had a great time !!! Went to hers had the bottle and then Tracey suggested that we go to the local social club as Colin her husband was behind the bar and well lets face it was bloody cheap as well.
I met Colins mum ..... I was scared honestly terrified . She reminded me of the mother of the bad guys in 'The Goonies' seriously she was scary !!
So yeah for once I had a active weekend was well chuffed with myself . Drank to much but oh well was worth it.

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