Friday, May 19, 2006

Apparently not that Important after All

I just received my letter advising me of my pay increase before I tell you what they give me here is the history:
I have worked for this company for 2 years and 2 months I have had a total of a weeks ( 7 days sick ) in that time period. I have come in early and left late. I have taken on extra projects such as the one mentioned below and completed them.

They have given me a amazing 456 pound increase. This works out to after tax each month to £28.00
I can safely say I have never felt so under valued insulted and worthless to a employer as I presently feel. My wish to return to Canada leave this place and never look back has just been reaffirmed ifIi could go right now I would. I would get on a plan and fuck off


Lee said...

Can't say I'm surprised to be honest - it's fairly typical of employers these days. How does the rise work out in terms of percentage?

louisa said...

405 was cost of living and my actual work was valued at a whole 51 pounds ( valued employee is what i am ) the irony to it all is that they must think i am ok as i am currently writing this from the hotel down south where i am training some of the staff at other office.
so if i am good enough to do that then surely better then 51 pounds ???!!! ha ha

Lee said...

Yup, that does sound pretty rough I must admit.

Have you asked for more? Surprisingly few people do (typical British attitude - accept it and be thankful!). Always worth a try though.

justacoolcat said...

What they've done at my fine place of employment is have a "pay freeze". That was they don't have to give anyone a raise.

It's pretty lame.