Monday, April 10, 2006

The Weekend and Updates on the Updates

I would love to one day come on here and post this amazing post about my amazing and totally wicked awesome weekend...... But that is never going to happen as I have decided I am a hermit and I live a sheltered life kinda like a mushroom.

This weekend consisted of the following : Cat waking me up and stupid bastard 6 am on Saturday. At first I thought it was because I had not fed him but turns out there was food water and a clean litter tray. He just wanted attention some what like all males in this world. Went to the gym and flogged myself there. Honestly it was the hardest work out I have ever done no idea why I struggled but christ I did. To top of the uneventful day I placed 8 bets on the grand national race. I had a theory that the more bets I placed the more likely my horse would make it around the 4 mile course and 31 jumps. 3 of the 8 fell at the first fence, their blown out of the water. But I did get extremely excited as I had placed a bet of £1.00 each way on a horse called Inca Trail.Afterr the last jump he was in fourth and I lost it in my living room screaming at the telly. If he placed fourth I would have gotroughlyy 60 pounds !!!!! ........ He placed fith.... I was depressed and vowed never to bet on the ponies again.

The most exciting bit of my weekend was rearranging my bedroom.That'ss right folks I was excited and made up that I had done this.Itt was so nice I just wanted to go to bed then and there.

So there is the weekend ...Itt sucked ...Lifee kinda sucks .....Ohh well

Update on Update Number One :

I am still trying to quit smoking I will be honest and say I have the odd one but I am still trying hard. Work is easy and have no issues there. Driving in the car is not a problem anymore. However being home by myself on weekends particularly is fucking difficult !!! It did not help this weekend that I ran out of my little plastic pockets of heavensmotheredd innicotinee. I attempted to suck the life out of my inhaltor but damn I wanted to kill myself by Sunday night.

Update on the Lesbians :

THE ARE STILL GONE !!!! I HAVE PROPERLY DRIVEN THEM AWAY!! I AM SCARED OF MY OWN POWERS !! Honestly folks there has not been a peep from that flat . I am begining to worryaboutu them now. Maybe my letter hasdrivenn them to a noisy lesbiansuicidee pact maybe they have joined a cult........Orr more logically maybe they are just on holiday ....Noo they have joined the damned cult I know they have ...Alongg with their big fat cat Charlie ( wonder if he is a gay cat ???? )

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