Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Now I say I need to get out now !! I will soon get so bad that I will have a calendar with X's marking the days off unil I permently leave this over priced tiny little island.

My romantic notions of living in a foreign country are now completely out of my system. I have done what I came to do ( cause mayhem and reek havoc on the UK being two of them )

Honestly if it were at all possible I would actually go home now but alas it is not. I have to pay my car off another year of that, I do need to save some sort of money up to go home which if you know me is slightly impossible.

I have however been doing my homework and research in to the big migration back to the mother land of snow and ice.

I firstly have looked into my cat coming home and how much it will cost and was pleasantly surprised. Basically I have gone on the government website back home and because the UK is on the list of non rabies countries I only need a certificate from a government vet saying Cleo is not a rabid and crazed beast ( I will have to drug him for this as most will think he is rabied ha ha ).
I have also found out that it is not nearly as expensive as I had originally thought to fly him !!!
Air Canada only charge $150 one way so like £75.00 I was expecting at least £200 to £300 so was happy.

Have looked into international movers to ship stuff home and found one that will ship 2 largish boxes for £174.00 which is awfuleful. So yes the ball is rolling now. Also my best friAmandanada has agreed to let me rent a room from her for the last 2 -3 months so that I can sell off everything I want to sell including my bed and that way I do not have to woaboutbotu that eithSo. so leIst i have that to look forward to.

I wadmitmitt that yes I have been slightly depressed of late and have been terribly horribly homesick. I think the word depressed though is a stupid word because I am not depressed slash my wrist pray the world ends depressed. I am just really down and want to go hthat'shats it plain and simply


Alexandra said...

shit lou. that's the most horrendously written post I've ever seen. I needed a dictionary to translate it!

louisa said...

ok ok i was bored and tired when i wrote it. you have to admit that recently my writing has gotten better though ! ha ha

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