Friday, March 31, 2006

The Lesbians upstairs

Ok I live in a what I would consider potentially a lovely old converted house. If you look past the grime and years of neglect and forgetfulness there are some lovely old features and bits. For istance the front step is slightly art deco with old tiling in lovely reds and blues in a mosaic pattern. It has been battered and bruised over the years and simply forgotten for what it is. When you go in the front communal hall and look up there is amazing old cornicing the full length of the hall but it is dusty and badly looked after. Generally though I do love where I live and saw the potential of the place when I moved in. What I did not realize was that the walls were paper thing from the cellar right up to the 3rd floor. You can hear everything. And now here is the bit you have all been waiting for ( mainly you dirty old men who see the word lesbian and stand to attention !! ) the lesbians upstairs.

A couple have moved in above me.the are both students extremely polite really lovely girls. At first I did not realize they were a couple. I have to admit thatI had the common misconception that in a lesbian relationship one women is normally more ' butch' looking or to be more polite not as femmine as the other. These girls are both tiny petite gorgeous girls they really are and that is why I did not think they were a couple. ( slpa on the wrist for being narrow minded )

When I first met them I did them the courtesy of making them aware discreetly that the walls were by no means sound proof and anything and everything can be heard here. I said that if I was ever to loud or making to much noisy just let me know would not take offence.

They at first took this subtle warning seriously and were very quiet. 2 weeks ago that all changed. I have come to the conclusion that lesbians have the most active sex life I have ever heard !!!! Seriously at one point it was going on 2 times a night 3 nights in a row. I can hear everything ..... EVERYTHING !!! Even my cat looks up at the ceiling and you can see him thinking in his cat male brain' lucky bitches !!' Honestly I am in awe of thses 2 girls stamina it is unreal.
Then last weekend it took another turn. The had a fight. And by fight I mean full bblown things being thrown screaming yelling name calling ' you do not appreciate me ' fight!! I have to say lesbian couples are no different then straight or probably gay couples when they fight. It was a blazing amazing argument. This made me think ( as I sat on my couch on a Saturday night eating popcorn and watching casuatly ... yep I am a single sad loser I have confirmed it with that statement) that there would be no sex for a bit as they were obviously very angry .... I was wrong. The opposite happened they had make up sex all night Saturday ... Took a break all morning Sunday ..... Took a break then all night Sunday .

two nights ago I had enough I was awake till 2 am listening to the acrobatic accomplishments they were attempting at the time. So yesterday morning I left a note ( not signed so they did not know was me ) saying could you possibly please keep the noise down after 11 pm ... Reasonable request I think ??? Came home last night with fingers crossed. WEll there was a outcome I never expected. THEY LEFT !!!!! Now I am not sure if they have left permently or what as was only spying through my peep hole. They had a number of bags and even more importantly they took there cat.

So yes I have driven the lesbians out of the building and I am worried about what other powers I may possess !!!!


Hazel said...

ahaha, who doesn't have lesbians living upstairs/next door/across the road?
Especially down our neck of the woods!

Deadly Female said...

Oh that made me giggle...

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