Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life and The Move oh yeah and smoking too

Life I think works out in funny and mysterious ways not sometimes but all the time !

I never would have thought 12 months ago that I would be saying I am going home. I was thinking about it ( deeply) last night ( I am thinking about anything but fags right now to attempt to kick the dirty habit ... Brain hurts from all the thinking ) anyway deep though about it last night. I suddenly realized that my 20's has been full of seriously life changing things. I left Canada at the beginning of my 20's and at the end of it heading back. Pretty big deal really

But then I start thinking about the practicalities of it all. I cannot stop looking round my flat and thinking ' How the hell am I going to sell all my shit ?!?' Honestly for someone who came over to the UK with 2 suitcases all most 5 years ago , I have amassed a stupid silly amount of shit !! It is really really bad ! So I am now thinking will car boot sale the lot of it or put it all up on Ebay as a job lot highest bid gets the lot. I am a pack rat and this will pain me to do as I love some of my things !!

It got so bad last night that whilst laying in bed I started convincing myself that I could ship my lovely bed over to Canada with me ( no I cannot do this due to fact that it is wrought iron and well would cost me a small nations gross debt ) but yeah by the time I had fallen asleep I had decided I could do this. By the time I woke up this morning slapped on another nicotine patch ( little plastic pockets of heaven ) I came to my senses and realized this was not a possibility. I am already mourning the loss of my bed 18 months in bloody advance !!!!! Bad very very bad !

Otherwise though all is on track for the giant move back home. Sarah ( best mate ) is just as excited and cannot wait to get there either. She got a Canadian tourist video on the Rockies. She text me she was all excited to watch this on Sunday night. I came into work on Monday to a email from her saying : ' lasted 10 minutes into the video and gave up as all the Japanese tourists in it were winding her up ' I replied ' welcome to Canada they are everywhere , get used to it honey !' but otherwise all is full steam a head and lookin good guys !

Smoking : Damn this is hard but determined to do it !! I am still on the patch as stated above. I also look like a child that relies on dummies to keep them happy when I start sucking on the little white inhaler stick thing they gave me as a fake fag. If I could fall asleep with that thing in my mouth sucking away like a newborn I would.

Also as a small side note now : Thank you to the people that read my blog and have left various messages wishing me luck on the smoking and the moving it is really really nice to hear it from you all like Urban Gypsy who has a funny and basically good read website if you get a chance have a read worth it. Plus Joke ( said like yolk then a ' A ' on the end ) found her via dooce and she has left great messages on there as well There are loads others as well. But the powers of work will see what I have spent the last 20 minutes not working but blogging and well lets be honest I am paid to sell cable not blog. Also if I had a inch of computer or web page knowledge in my brain I would blog roll but after a million attempts to set this up and one broken mouse I have decided to give up for my sanity !!!
So yes thank you all very sweet of you ;-)


for Joke! said...

Woot! on the stop-smoking! And thanks for the shoutout.

By the way, I'd look again into shipping your stuff - if you partially rent a container, and you're not picky about when your stuff arrives (6-12 weeks after shipping) you can move your stuff for probably cheaper than the money it would cost you to sell and then buy everything again. Call some international movers!

urban gypsy said...

Awww shucks... there's my name... up in lights! Or as near to it as I'll get.

Forjoke! I've told her the same. Anglo Pacific in Manchester; get the man in to have a look. You'll be surprised how much tatt you have that you don't want to keep and stuff you do want, such as the bed, will come apart easily.

Many people get a huge container and can't fill it. They don't mind when the Company calls and tells them they have someone interested in sharing.

You'll have to sell a kidney or something to recoup your losses once you get back home.

louisa said...

ah yes but I havea lovely mummy who may help in the supplying of worldly goods. See thing is I have to pay to get the damn cat over there as well. However Joke and Urban are right and now I will have to look into the container idea I think

hmmm my bed can't leave it like a unwanted child its my baby !!