Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stop Making fun of My country and take a good Hard look at Your Own you Bastards !!!

As you probably can tell my the header I am a pissed off Canadian!! Seriously I am a raging bundle of anger and general pissed offense !!

Since I have moved to the UK I have constantly heard the same lines from Britons things like ' you colonials were made by the mighty British' and ' You immigrants come over here and steal our jobs and use our social system'

Right lets set the record straight !!! A. ' us colonials' as they like to say were created by the British when they came over the Canada however many years ago. And then they fucked off after a little battle with the the frog bastard French. If they created use and we were so important to them then they should have stayed.... But the they didn't so fuck off and think before eyou say stupid things.
B. I AM NOT A IMMIGRANT!!!! You narrow mi0nded jerks !!! I have been a British citizen since the day I was born. I have every right to be here. And in no way was I taking anyone's job !! The unemployment rate in the UK is not because immigrants take loads of jobs when they come here. It is high because they are lazy bastards !! Because they keep electing a government that will socially assit them if they broke a damn nail. So shut your mouth and stop moaning !!

I am so sick of the narrow minded and frankly extreme racistness of this country. Lets get something straight the British was this great empire that went and raided loads of countries created loads of problems fucked off back to their tiny little island and now wonder why there are loads of depends hanging off them 100 years later. You knob heads !! You created those depends so now deal with it.
You make fun of where I am from but yet we are one of the richest countries n the world. The province I am from ( Alberta named after one of your poxy royals ) has no debt !!!!!! They are making so much money on oil right now they are sending out $400 cheques to every Albertan because they made just to much damned money !!! People need to know that outside of the middle east Alberta ( IN CANADA PEOPLE ) is the biggest oil producer in the world !!!!! Not sure myself what the British are known for other then over charging for their people for gas food houses cars basically everything!

So the point behind my rant is this. Take a good hard look at your own war mongering over priced shitty island before you start making funny of other peoples places of origin. It is narrow minded rude and just pig ignorant to say things about others that you know nothing of!!!!
Also do not get me wrong generally I love living in Britain it has offered me a huge amount of opportunities and experience.

Ramble done. BYE !


urban gypsy said...

Bloodeeee hell.

I'll climb back behind my rock, shall I? lol. Y'know what though dahl... we still love Canadians more than Americans! roflmao.

That bit about Brits being lazy arse bastards who don't want to clean toilets and other menial jobs that 'immigrants pinch off us' was bang on though. Why work when Tony gives money for free? OK so that may cause lack of self-esteem but you can always buy that in a bottle... or get it free if you're in that unemployed position.

What I want to know, right, is what prompted this outburst... c'mon, who said what to whom? lol

louisa said...

it is so so so true urban !!! I do not know one Brit who would willingly work as a janitor or a ticket person at a parking lot ! They would rather go on the damn social.

Funnily enough it all started at the gym One of the guys made fun of the factthat Canada was not doing well in the commonwealth games ( I promptly told him to piss off as Canada at the time were technically better then the English scottish welsh and irish ) and it kinda snowballed from there really lol lol

Kinda lost it on a Saturday morning with 2 big weights in my hands ( men are so stupid don't mess with a armed women I had to stop myself from throwing the damned thngs at him lol )

( note : no need to climb under rock now I have mildly calmed down ....... ok not that much really ! lol )

urban gypsy said...

Ahhh... I see, said the blind man.

S'OK pet, I moved from the U.K. for reasons you are discovering for yourself, only I also have 2 sproglets to consider too.

Surprising to find that we did as well as we did with the medals. Sport isn't much encouraged in the U.K. My son used to do 2 hrs per week in the hall at his English school; now he starts school every morning skipping like a boxer and swimming every day whilst the weather is warm.

I'd have dropped them on his fat toes. ;o)

louisa said...

yeah slowly dicovering the downsides of the Uk. And now it is making me more more anxious to move back to Canada and its semi liberal views open mindedness and general manners

It is true sporting in the Uk is geared to one sport and one sport alone and that is football. I like football love watching it but keep telling the Brits it is not the only sport in the world. You look at the Aussies and the Kiwi's and they take it so so seriously over there with Sports institutes and what not.

You have made the right move as parents alone to raise them over there. If I ever have kids would only ever raise them in Canada

I was very tempted to do more then drop em on his toes I had visions of belting him on either sides of his head then kneeing him in the balls
Ladyliek behaviour took over though and I just called him a knob head and spun round and stalked out of the gym lol lol
( what the hell time is over there urban ?! )