Thursday, March 09, 2006


Yep have taken the leap, have done the much needed dirty deed ..... I officially have quit smoking today.

I have been to my GP and been given all sorts of things. Currently I have a patch on my arm and wow this shit is like happy juice.... Heaven in a little rubber patch !! Honestly it has made me all light headed and I have had no fag cravings all morning. I have gone from smoking 24 fags a day to having 2 today !!!! How amazing. And when I had the last one I didn't even finish the thing as just was no interested at all.

So proud of myself!!.

Update on the move back to the mother land:
Sarah has done one of those ' will we let you into Canada or are you a lay about non working social sucker ?' She did 2 tests one as if she had a job to go to and she was a god as far as the Canadian goverment was concerned on a big score of 84 and then she was truthful and did one as if she did not have a job to go to but she still managed to scrape through. So things are looking up now.

I am even more excited at the prospect of going home then I ever was. I keep looking round my flat thinking oh my good god I have to sell most of this how in the world will I ?? See I am a pack rat or more like a person that cannot let things go.

I have also tried to sit down and have a serious discussion with the cat , Cleo, about his impending journey ina year and half but for some reason he keeps chasing his own tail and does not seem interested in what I have to say ..... God knows why !

So there you go. I am going to go back to obsessing about my lack of cigarette in my hand and slap on another rubber circle bit of heaven ( the patch )
bye all :-) x

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urban gypsy said...

Good luck with the quitting the ciggies. As an ex smoker, I know what it's like. Good luck with your return home too. It isn't easy repatriating. After a year of being back in my 'home country' I couldn't wait to up sticks and go off again. Yet a single friend of mine moved from Manchester to Wellington and back to Manchester again a few years later and hasn't regretted it. Each to their own I guess. Just be prepared for the difficulty in adjusting again. It takes time.