Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home is Calling Me

Well I have made a major decision. I am going home. It is time to return to the great white north once and for all.

Now I am not going home immediately but between the next 18 months and 2 years. There were a huge amount of factors that brought this decision to a head as they say.

The biggest one being is that I miss home. Enough is enough and it is time to return. I have done what I came here to do and that was to grow up gain some independence and be adult as they say. I think I gained that and have grown up drastically.

I miss my family and the comfort of having them about. Think being away for the 5 years has made me realise how much I need to appreciate them. Even though George is a arrogant shit and a giant pain in the ass he is alright for a little brother.
And Mum is someone I miss most to be honest ( do not let that go to your head mum!!! ) but I do get on so so much better with her now and that makes a big difference.

The decision actually though came to finalization because of Sarah my best mate. She sent me a text a few weeks ago very randomly asking how to go about working in Canada. Turns out she wants to go over. After many discussions by phone email and text it became a very real thing.
There would be nothing better then Sarah coming over with me. Canada is her type of place, she would blend in there and settle amazingly well. So we have both made the decision to start laying plans out to go home for me and a new place for her.


I am going to also bring the cat with me as well. This should be very interesting as considering this cat has not seen much of the outside world dragging him halfway across the world should really freak him out. But to be truthful I could not leave him behind. He has been a constant companion for me for the last 2 years. As much as he drives me round the bend and for all my moaning I do actually love him to bits and he is such a amazing feline.

So there you go homeward bound for me all and here is what I am going back to :

view of Edmonton City Center Sky Line

Jasper ..... Heaven to a skier ... I cannot wait to be able to go skiing again asap !!

City center , town hall and Winston Churchill Square

And finally most importantly home the place I love and grew up !!!


Lee said...

I am soooooo envious of you right now! I've been thinking of moving back there too - moreso recently. I like the idea of a 'proper' winter, not this half-hearted thing we get over here.

However, us Brits let anyone in our country, whereas Canada tends to be more picky. I'm an impatient bugger, so waiting 2 years to get permanent residence just doesn't float my boat, and I can't be doing with the hassle of going backwards and forwards every 6 months again!

louisa said...

hey tell you what you need to look at Alberta right now as I think you will find it unbelievably easy to get inot if you have the right trade they will take you over there

take a look may surprise you !!

Lee said...

Thats generally where things get complicated for me - I'm self-employed, and don't really have a desire to work for anyone else (the drop in income would be a killer - plus I hate people telling me what to do!).

From what I recall of last time I looked into it, I would either need to invest in a business there (i.e buying a farm seems popular!) or 'invest' several million in the province for a few years. No problem with that, except for the issue of being several million short!

There seems to be a few possible ways around it (i.e form a corporation over there, then give myself a job) but it seems pretty complicated and I imagine lawyers fees mounting heavily.

Might just look out for a Canadian wife and go for the super-easy route :-D

Alexandra said...

For a hefty fee I might consider it lee.

Alexandra said...

As long as you don't expect me to move back there too.

louisa said...

no don't move back we have a normalish relationship now that there are oceans between us !!! ha ha

Lee said...

Hey I couldn't take you're money off you! ;-)

Alexandra said...

Hey! I've already got both citizenships! You're the one paying me buddy!!!

louisa said...

yeah so nice having dual isn't it sis ?? love rubbing it in to others !!! haha