Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am a Bad Blogger I know Ok !!

Yes before you comment or say anything I know I am a bad bad blogger for not posting much in the last few days ... But I am back. Have been properly told off by my sister who left a comment of ' update your blog you wanker !!!' sisterly love is a great thing. There is a mutual respect between us. She calls me a wanker I call her a world dominating Devil women... It works well.

Anyway what have I been up to ... Not much really. I did go to a concert with my best friend Sarah. We went to Jack Johnson and LOVED IT !!!!! It was by far the best concert I have ever been to and so did not want it to end. I recommend to anyone out there if Jack comes to your town spend the money and go and enjoy !!! On top of being a amazing artist he is also the hottest man on the face of the earth !!!! He is what I would want to marry in a instant !! Stunning and amazing and so so so damn hot !!!!!

Other then that it has been a uneventful couple of days really. I did however get to post a comment about my mother on DOOCE website which is cool. Considering Dooce never opens her comments I was not letting the opportunity slip past me to do that. She had posted about mothers that stays at home and the choice. I went on a rant !! I told the world how my Mum worked as did my Dad and it was in no way detrimental to me and if anything it helped me! So yeah think I was like comment 950 out of roughly 2000 ! ha

I am still trying to find a flat mate to move into a new place with ( any takers ?!?!?! Begging now !! ) but have yet to find someone. All I do know is desperately need to move to save same money as I am poor !!! I have entered my name on a load of websites so hopefully something will come of that never know.

Oh yeah and for this first time in my smoking life I am now considering quitting for good. I have made a appointment at the doctors and going to give this a go .. Wish me luck but do not expect miracles ... After 14 year ( yes 14 years ) of smoking I think there may be more then one attempt to kick the cancer sticks. Will let you know how I am doing

Anyway enough rambling speak to you all soon promise to have a better more interesting post next time.


etybolik said...

As my brother says, giving up smoking is dead easy - he's done it at least 50 times!
My father cut the habit successfully overnight after many years of smoking 40 Capstan Extra Strength a day - they were non-filter tipped cigarettes that are thankfully no longer available, and were probably the British equivalent of Gitane, a.k.a. camel dung. Luckily, I have never smoked.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

What is a DOOCE website?


louisa said...

oh my good god mum !!! DOOCE is a person quite famouse. Just type dooce into google and you will find her website. very good read think you will like it. Particularly the way she talks about her dog and child very good