Friday, February 03, 2006

Getting Older and Wiser

You know as time goes by you begin to realize that you have grown up. That you are no longer the precocious cjild, teenager or young adult you once were. You are a fully fledged adult. When you were that snot nosed attitude driven kid you used to think' never be like those adults !!! '

guess what .... Everyone becomes once of those adults. It is the law of nature and all things possible.

Today was having a conversation with Emma ( friend/workmate) and at the end of it decided I may very well be a 80 year old trapped in a 27 year olds body !!! We were talking about how now rather then go out on a Saturday night getting blind drunk and stumbling in at 3 ish in the morning we would love to get in a bath and soak the night away. I now realized I would much rather prefer going out on a Saturday afternoon getting merry in a beer garden and then going home 7 ish have a good meal and pass out, safe in the knowledge that I WILL NOT HAVE A HANGOVER!!

Please do not get me wrong I love a great night out but what I do not like anymore is every night out. It loses the novelty and the enjoyment. We also decided that this was something for some unknown reason we thought or at least speaked about as a bad thing ?! Then we thought its not !!! It is a natural progression of growing older and yes wiser.

I think of the practical things now whilst doing the illogical things I know how to do best!!!
Do I miss my precocious and attitude driven youth ???? Maybe just a tiny little bit. But I do love the fact that I can think about things in a well mannered process for example :

Get drunk in the afternoon make sure you are in bed by 7 though and drink water = no hangover!! No dehydration to the point of not actually being able to blink and generally feeling human

This to me is getting older and a little wiser

P.S before you ask no I do not have a drink problem !!!


Deadly Female said...

Just thought I should explain, seeing as I have left 4 comments on your blog today - that I found you completely at random from the blogger homepage. Hope you don't mind?

louisa said...

do not mind in the least happy you are reading it :) comment as often and as much as you like. Although i do rant and rave all the time ( sorry )

Lee said...

You know, with every post, you are slowly restoring my faith in women!

Nice to know there are some 'normal' women out there, and the world isn't full of get-drunk-every-night-and-shag-as-many-men-as-possible
women :-D

louisa said...

oh god do not give me the responsibilty of restoring your faith I will only let you down !!! ha ha ha ( but yeag your right not every women gets drunk = every single night = random men )