Monday, February 06, 2006


You know being single is one of those funny things that some people react badly to and some thrive on. I think I am one of the ones that is in the middle of all that.

I like being single for the fact that you do lead your own life you do not have to worry about consequences and the effects of your decisions and behavior.

On the flip side being single has the ability to make you feel eternally lonely. Like you will never find that other person and no matter what you do to assist the process it never freakin works !!!

Last night I was watching this show called ' The real Sex and The City' Basically it is set in New York and it follows round a load of different women on the dating scene of New York. Now this show was either created to make women across the world feel like shit and useless or it was created for you to point and laugh at and say ' sad cow' at the same time!

Honestly these women on this show are the lowest of the low on the moral's playing field !! They boast about dating 6 men at once. They complain how they get confused by who they are meant to be going on a date with ( no wonder !!!) and to top it all off the feel horrible about the fact that they cannot find a meaningful relationship. COME ON !! You stupid American cows !! You cannot find a meaningful relationship because you are dating six guys at once, you are not satisfied with just one ( greedy or what ), you do not actually have any desire to settle down and you probably could not define let alone spell meaningful !!!
Seriously I went to bed last night muttering stupid bitches to myself ( the cat was a bit disturbed by this outburst)

I was looking at my sisters blog today and strangely enough she was talking about a similar subject. Basically rating which nationality would be best to date . I have to share with you her description of a British man priceless and pretty much bang on : British - more mamma's boys. Not as bad as the Italians, but at least the Italians know to take you out for a nice dinner on a date and don't count going Dutch at the pub as 'a good night out.' how bang on is that ?!?!?!?!? I was so so impressed with that. If you ant to see the rest have a look
Right random daily rant is now finished :)


Deadly Female said...

You have no idea just how frighteningly accurate that is about British men. Well, maybe you do.

louisa said...

it is disturbing how accurate and even more disturbing that she lives in Brussels and not even in the uk !!!

louisa said...

it is slightly disturbing how right you are but at the same time should be used to it as your giant assed brain makes you always right about most things ..... so annoying !!

Alexandra said...

All national traits are exaggerated here in Brussels because they all have to compete with each other.
Now given how right I am about the Brits, just imagine how right I am about the rest of them!