Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What makes you Happy? What Makes you Laugh?

Those are two very big questions in life I believe and also two very important ones as well.


A multiple of things made me happy when I was a kid some things maybe considered well odd !
I took great pleasure in torturing my little brother to no end this of course made me endlessly happy. But it was also a happiness that was shared with my younger sister Alex who also found happiness in this recreational sport ! Was great ( he got big we stopped no more happiness unfortunately )

I believe through my teens I took great pleasure and created that happy feeling within myself by effectively being a pain in the ass ( some would say I am currently still am a pain in the ass just a more refinded one with possibly a bigger vocabulary ) I do think that deep down most teens make it their mission to be a pain in the ass and do make themselves happy by doing that.

Now that I am adult ( or so I like to convince myself I am adult) My aim for happiness has shifted drastically!! I want very adult things like stability and well general contentment if that makes sense. It suddenly dawned on me that this meant I had grown up that I was semi rational and well adult like at times. I now get sheer joy out of things like a Ikea catalogue !!! Oh my good god that is not normal but it makes me happy!!

I also think we all look for things to make us happy. Men want a wife that they can brag about to there buddies about either in a nice way or lets face it in a filthy way. Women obviously are much harder to please and as a women I will be the first to admit this. We want everything to be perfect we want a lovely house with enviable furnishings. We want a husband boyfriend or partner that is the strong type but the sensitive type at the same time ( this of course makes men spin on the spot and they have no idea if they are coming or going) Women want that feeling of a strong minded man I truly think this makes them happy. I have to say I do think along those lines. We do not like weak men as then there is no challenge. Women also want that lifestyle that well lets be honest only 10% of the population getyou know the one with 2 holidays a year and garden parties in summers things like that.
So yeah basically that is my idea of what makes people happy , maybe not everyone and maybe there are people that disagree but the general idea of what I wrote is something people want to create happiness.


Now this is a whole different kettle of fish it has to be said.

When I was a kid it was watching my little brother being picked on by my sister and then joining in making him beg for mercy ( we currently are not able to do this due to the fact that he suddenly became a giant and well he is actually turning into a decent human being as well pains me to say that of course )

When I was a teen it was watching what I deemed as the popular girls or bubble heads make tits of themselves god damn used to laugh when they did something deemed as ' uncool' was great.

Now though god damn things make me laugh all the time!! For example recently my cat got some tape stuck on his tale and I had hours of pure amusement due to the fact that he ran round chasing his tale trying to get the tape off. Then when he did get it off got stuck on his wiskers and there was yet more laughter.
TV is well and truly funny right now I mean Little Britain alone is the most laughable funny thing out there right now.
But even funnier as it was when I was a teen is watching people make tit's of themselves you know falling up stairs and tripping on the sidewalk. After they do these clumsy things the funny bit is actually the look on their faces and the thought that is virtually scrolling across their foreheads in neon lights that reads ' no one saw me do that absolutely no one !! I am fine and I am graceful' mean while I purposely stare at them and laugh scrolling again ' Fuck that evil bitch saw me and now she is laughing and going to tell everyone she knows about me !!'
Ok you may now be thinking Louisa is evil but damn I so know deep down you are all thinking ' yeah I may have a laugh as well ha ha'

So I basically believe that the current human population likes to laugh at other peoples expense and love watching others make absolute fools of themselves. Pure slap stick comedy is what it boils down to at the end of the day
babble finished now !


Anonymous said...


This was a really strange entry. Very little content but the spelling and grammer is really improving.


louisa said...

cheers for that mum !! it would be strange due to the fact that i am loaded up on a various amount of drugs due to this evil cold so basically it was a general ramble a drug induced ramble lets say. yeah i am making a effort on the spelling and the grammer !