Friday, November 11, 2005

Blogging From Brussels

Hello all!! As you can guess I am currently writing to you from Brussels sitting in my sister Alex's flat or as it should be called a show box ha ha !! I will never complain about the size of my flat and feel nothing but sympathy for my sister! You could almost out stretch your arms and touch a wall on either side!! But I will say it is very cute and it has a lovely balcony as well which when the sun is out would be really nice. So I am glad I have been able to see where my little sister now lives and can safely say it is not a crack house !!

Right back to the trip. Matt and I caught the Eurostar this morning and I have to say I was really impressed with it all. Train was comfortable seats big and nice smooth uneventful ride was perfect to be honest. We are staying in the Radisson right off the grande place and it is amazing ! 5 star hotel amzing room lovely design and completely worth the trip for if anything oh yeah obvious to see Alex is worth it as well!!

So yeah will be doing all the tourist things tomorrow and then Matt is taking me for a nice belated birthday dinner and then back to normal life.
Can't wait for tomorrow plan on making myself ill off waffles !!!!
Oh yeah in case you are wondering to yourself ' why is Louisa on a weekend break and blogging ?!?!' well Alex is making us dinner so just relaxing after a days traveling and looking forward to the steak for dinner !!
have a great weekend all !!

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