Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nothing better then Speaking to Your Parents

You know when I was a kid I would sort of dread speaking to my parents for fear of them finding out what terrible evil thing I had done as a kid or a teenager. They seemed to have this way of knowing without me even speaking and damn that scared the shit out of me! And it was my mum who seemed to be the best at it.

There was one area where we seemed to out smart the old parent firm. Alex and I were brutal to a then little George ( not so little now at about 6"5 ) We did horrible things to him like duct taped him to a pole in out basement stuffed a sock in his mouth and proceeded to write, with permanent pen mind you, idiot but spelt ediot !! ha ha left him there for a few good hours. We used to sit on him tickle him till he pissed himself !! You know we always managed to blame these things on George and we got away with it 90% of the time. Then he got big beat the crap out of me one day never picked on him again. Even stranger now he has kinda taken the place of Dad and become slightly protective of his big sisters awwwwww!

Anyway back to Mum She has only gotten better at it since my Dad died 7 years ago. It was like she sapped up all his super human lie detecting skills to double her super parenting skills. Truly scary when you think about it. Unlike a lot of kids myself, Alex my sister and George my brother generally were not able to play one parent off the other they were intertwined and knew when the kids were working them. I mean we had friends who would call our dad sergeant scary ok ! How bad is that !! And our mum had these super human strengths of knowing exactly what we were up to or worse to get it out of us. They played kid off kid, which proved highly effective.

When I moved to the UK 4 years ago I thought I would be out of this super human mum radar and be safe .....How wrong was I ! My mum can still phone me have a conversation then ask me if the place is clean?? I lie say yep sure is mum spotless. And that would be my fatal error using the word spotless cause she so knew that would defy all laws on earth for me to be spotless. SO then I will break down and say yes will clean it up not dirty just untidy that's all. What makes it worse is that I will start cleaning whilst on the phone with her still !!!!!!!!!!!!! As if she will ever know I did half way across the world !!!!! So this has gone on for the first 3 1/2 years when my mum calls ... But something has changed lately

My mum speaks to me differently now like well like I am a adult that can hold a half decent conversation. I no longer annoy her anymore I think plus she genuinely seems truly happy to speak to me !! Now please do not get me wrong my mum is a super star and yes I do know she loves her ' blossom' as she calls me but I also know that I have been the bane of my mothers existence for the last decade or so and only recently have I realized what a pain in the ass I was.

I love calling my mum now you know. Seriously for some reason always have a stupid grin on my face after and well the evening always goes well too after a chat with her. But hey she still has a go such as ' stop spending money ?' ' remember you owe me money ?' ( by the way what kid does not owe their parent money I ask ?? ) ' still smoking ?? You do know it is killing you ??'
Basically the usual things. But not nearly as bad as it once was which is kinda nice to be honest.

So there you go there is nothing better then speaking to your parents. They make you think and reevaluate things in your life. They manage to cheer you up and at the same time knock your cocky ass back on the ground which I think everyone most definitely needs once and a while

Yep I went mushy on you all today sorry have to be mushy and sentimental on the odd occasion has to be done !

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