Friday, September 09, 2005

The weekend is hear again yes!!!

Right I know I have been silent of late and I am so sorry for that all. It has been a made busy time and work is the main reason it has to be said. All is well though other then the fact that I am forever dreaming about cable of all things and this morning I woke up thinking I had fallen asleep at my desk !! How bad is that for Christ sakes !?!?!?!?
I have had no time for anything of late which includes cleaning. My flat currently looks like a bomb sight and I just wander rou nd it with eyes partially closed pretending it is not really that messy ha ha! Believe me it is ! Even the cat seems somewhat unhappy in it. So the mission today is to clean it and I mean clean !
It is also the last test in the ashes cricket this weekend. Have to say I am gripping the edge of my seat and actually loving it ( when it is on as it is pissing it down in London and the posh gits won't paly in a bit of rain ! ) so I am looking forward to that as well.

I am still in awe also of what is happening in the states and in New olreans I have never seen anything so despicable as that to happen in a country with satus like the US it is disturbing and a bit disheartening as well. It makes me wonder why ????? That is my one question it seems is why ??? At the same time without sounding rude or insensitive but the American public voted bush in and it is alsmot like lying in the bed you make for yourself. And even more disturbing is the fact they have another 3 years of this man as he will not just throw in the towel and give up we all know this.

Alex is doing great in Brussels and seems to love the fact that she has Multiple levels of security passes and clearances ha worl domination here she comes look out seriously !! She seems to be making friends well quickly and settled in brilliantly as well. As stated in a text ( yep she has a phone and she can text sort of still learning I think ha ) she is in a candy shop of good looking men and it is the best damned candy shop she has ever been in ha ha !!

right enough from me I need to get home and shower as just left gym and the guy beside me eating his bacon butty may be put off by the sweat ridden girl beside him ( hmmm the butty looks gooood ) and by the way yep he is gut although smells strangely of horse ?????


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louisa said...

thanks mike for the compliment ! glad you enjoy my random rants about purple toliet paper and cricket. comment when ever you like !! :)