Monday, September 12, 2005

My Cat was meant to be a manipulative Small Child

Hello :) All is so so in the world of Louisa. Has to be said that I am constantly tired no idea why but I could so so sleep for England right now!
Right the cat !!! Last night I am pleasantly sat/stretched on the couch last night. Meanwhile cleo/leo is madly running about my tiny flat chasing a flying bug of some sort with the full intent of catching it torturing it and then obviously eating it. Please bare in mind that my ceilings are a good 10 feet or more height and this bug is right at the ceiling. So you're now thinking the possibilities of this cat catching this thing are zero ! Wrong he gets them everything just watches and waits till it drops down and then does this Herculean leap and gets em ebverytime. So last night he was on a mission to get this bastard and he was determined to do it. He was hiding behind the couch trying the that's of it can't see me and it will drop and I will catch it sort of thing. The bug dropped down cat is behind me obviously watching this all ready to attack. The bug got smart !!!! Drops down sees cats twitching tail and body and shots up in the air. Stupid cat decides to follow it. This would have been fine except for the fact that following it consisted of leaping onto my head whilst digging his claws into my scalp !!! Stupid animal !! I shot up chasing the cat yelling ' YOU LITTLE BASTARD YOUR DEAD !!! BAD CAT BAD CAT !!' chased him into bedroom and closed door banishing him to the naughty room for a half hour. Anyone who would have heard this outside my world of the flat would have thought I was a abusive mother to a small child.
Anyway the cat was banished to the room after half and hour of kitty crying through the door. I decided he had learnt his lesson and was allowed out. As we walked back into the living room I and saying to him AS IF HE UNDERSTANDS ME !! ' what you did was very bad it hurt mummy don't do it again ! ' sat down and he joined me on his side of the couch and then he did it !! Like a small child that knows they have done wrong and the only way to make mum love you again is to pull on their heart strings and my good did he do that. He is sat there rolled over on his back with his little cat paws curled up in the air body twisted in this ungodly position looking up at me with big eyes saying ' come on lady how can you resist me you know I am cute now love me dammit !' Meanwhile I am saying to him ( out loud yep certifiable I am !! ) it is not working cleo your cute act is not working. I lasted 10 minutes and crumbled it worked and well I Loved him again.
By the way he caught that bug eventually and 2 more!! Really he is a good boy deep down !

Other then that not much else has happened. Oh have to say one thing has excited me !! I have randoms reading my blogs now !!!! Not just friends family and my work mates random people !! yep I am sad I know ! ! But it was cool to see a comment from someone I did not know someone who took the time to read what may be considered my boring random rambles about the cat purple toilet paper and other knowingly boring and strange things but have to say it validated it for me! So now I get even more excited when I see that little icon say comments and it has a number other then a 0 beside it !!!
yep sad as they can be !

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