Saturday, September 03, 2005

natural disasters and my sister as well

afternoon . so so sorry for all the silence this week but it has been a bit hetic and busy of late and just not had the chance. I am fine have to say was not feeling great this week plus I had my cardio tests as well on thursday. Great fun felt like a rat in a ball as it was one of those ones they make you run on a tredmill. This is fine what is not fine however is the fact that they make you do this all in a mesh faux fabric gown open in the front. No bra and cloths but did look rather fetching with my blue trainers on !! so yeah still alive and awaiting the results will let you know if die before results arrive of course.

now for alex!!! oh alex alex alex !! She missed her plane everyone !!!! ha ha ha welkl not missed the emergency exits were broken ( slightly important at 30 thousand feet in the air ) and so she was stranded. She managed to get a flight next day but i got the paniced call of ' help stranded no eurostar till next morning help !! ' there was panic and stress in that girls voice and i hate to admit it was somewhat enjoyable to listen to smart as kid ha ha !! anyway i did the sisterly thing and got her sorted. Managed to find a place for her to stay paid booked her in. Called Eurostar begged with them to transfer her ticket. They said with out a letter from airline saying her plane was cancelled they would charge her 250 pounds ( 600 bucks !! ) so managed to yell enough at the zoom people got them to fax the letter to where she was staying so she had it upon arrival. How god damned bloody good am i !?!?!?!? i am god that is what i am not nearly as useless as i thought ha ! Anywa she calls me last night at midnight sounding somewhat pissed saying i had booked her into a party centeral place it was a bar ! ha and on top of that a mixed dorm room and she was greeted by mick the aussie in his tighty whiteys!! ha she was in heaven needless to say !! so i am awaiting to hear from her. will let her tell you on her blog all about the rest i am sure there are loads of details ha !

Was watching the news about the hurricane in the states and have to say felt pity and sympathy and then anger for them all over there. I have to ask and may be wrong but if the states were not in Iraq would they have had the man power to avert the aweful things going on right now in there own land??? how can people shot rape maim and kill others in the same desperate postion as themselves just shocking and stomach turning !!

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