Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You know the toilet paper is bad when ......

right toilet paper ok odd thing to talk about but have to let this out and rant a little regarding toilet paper.

these are things that make you realize the toilet paper is bad :

1. When the cat will not play with it. By playing I mean taking one end of it dragging it to and fro your tiny 1 bedroom flat bathroom whilst shredding it and attacking it as if his life depends upon its death
2. When the packaging reads economy toilet paper. This should be made illegal there should never ever be the word economy in line with toilet paper !!!
3. Toilet paper that is any other color then white ! Why would you want purple toilet paper ????? Tell me the reasoning to this. You now see a veritable rainbow at the supermarket it is wrong and disturbing
4. Toilet paper that is recycled. I am all for saving the earth and environment but recycled toilet paper ?????? You are using it and when you use it you do not want to think of someone else once using it no matter how much technology has worked to make this safe !!!

you are now wondering what has brought this on what has made me so so upset about toilet paper ?? Well here it is. I ran out of toilet paper on Sunday and being the UK and no one working past well 10 in the morning ( actually to be fair they shut the shops at 4 which is still dumb as !) only the local family owned business was open so off I went in my grubbiest most scruffy cloths I owned to get my toilet paper. To my dismay all they had was recylced purple economy paper !!!! Oh sweet fucking lord ( sorry had to swear ) I had no choice but to purchase this. I have since realized the cat even hates it and will not play with it. Hence the of balanced rant above about toilet paper everyone

on a better note I have decided I wish to go to a spa in fact I am desperate to go to a spa for a weekend look at these pics !! To have that all weekend would be bliss more bliss I reckon then fags and booze althouh include fags and booze and I would become a squatter at the spa !

how damned happy and chilled do these women bloody look !!!



Anonymous said...

Please please please tell me where you found purple toilet paper. My grandma, who is now past, used to drive to Canada for purple toilet paper. It would be her birthday next month and I though about buying everyone in my family a roll, as I wonder if it will spark there memory of Grandma's purple toilet paper. Thought it would be good for a laugh and maybe a tear. Please let me know. Julie

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