Friday, August 26, 2005

It is a long weekend more importantly The last one Until Christmas !

Hello All
I have calmed down slightly since the toliet paper entry although I still am ranting about it and yes still have one roll of purple bloody toliet paper left as well.

As stated it is a long weekend this weekend and I am very happy about this of course. The thought of one less day in the working world and lazing about it always a happy and very good thing! Now most people plan these mad crazy long weekend sort of things you knwo going away or going out and getting madly drunked and trollied. Not me I plan on sleeping never neding sleep is the mission for me. Now when my ceiling decided it was not happy where it was and caved in a few weeks ago it decided to murder the curtians as well. Alas I have realised this is a bad thing as I am being woken up every morning at 8 am no fail! Even if I neck a bottle of wine swallow 2 sleeping tablets and stay awake till well past my bedtime I wake up. So the second part of my missiont o help the first part of my mission is to get some curtians sorted some how for my bedroom. I may fail miserably at this but god dammit I am going to try.
Now other news hmmm lets see. To be honest it has been very quiet and dull of late in my life not a huge amount has really happened at all. Cleo the cat is doing well and has recently decided he likes toast yep toast people. Not bread has to be toasted bread. This may be misunderstood as kitty abuse but swear it is not he makes up his own mind and does these things. He recently ran into the door no idea how he missed the bright white closed door but he did and lord did he hit it hard. Must say was one of the funniest things i have seen in sometime stupid cat !
Matt and I are off to Brussels in November to have our first weekend away and to visit my brain box sister. Cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Plus I have yet again realised what a lovely boyfriend I do have as he is paying for it and then I will be sorting out how to pay him back. If he did not do this we would never have made it anywhere as it is known well that I do not have spare money at all anywhere and it sucks. So we are staying in a 5 star hotel ( Radisson SAS ) and upgraded for only £8.00 to the king royal club room. It is so so nice.
Alex is happy abotu this visit and yesterday informed me that she will try and get some visitor passes for NATO as well! does she want to keep this job ????? letting me near a place like that may very well end in disaster he he!!
so yeah that is my exciting news
will leave it at that as I am sure you are terminally bored now and wish to bash your head about out of sheer boredem as well
have great weekend all speak to you soon :)

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