Thursday, August 18, 2005

So so hot !

MY GOD IT IS HOT HERE !! Seriously it is a rare thing for it to actually be hot here but by god it is going for it today! Of course by tomoprrow it iwill be pissing it down and we will be back to grey skies depressed looking people and a general lack of a will to live ! Normal for the UK and Manchester in particular.
1 day till the weekend and do I need it. I have had the busiest possible week at work and it just seems to keep getting worse for some odd unknown unexplainable reason. Well not completely unexplainable has to be said the Dutch ( where head office is located by the way) are the very explainable reason for my shocking week.

right let me fill you in on something ok. The Dutch are not as you think what so ever. When I first knew I would be in direct contact with the Dutch I had a vision a very clear vision of them as follows:

sweater vest wearing, clog wearing , pot smoking , feet kicked up laid back sorta people. How very very wrong I was !!!

they are anal, arrogant, procedure follow,uptight and down right pain in the ass sort of people! And god do they love forms forms of any kind to be filled out they will create it for you !! They are currently the bane of my existence at this point in time. it has to be said though they probably are still smoking the weed as their decsion making and 0thought reasoning process is fatally flawed !!
so yeah there you go do not like the Dutch at present at all not one little tiny bit !

went to the gym as per usual last night. And boy did I cane it no idea where the engery came from but did 6 km on the cross trainer and loved it ( yep you got it loved it ! ) then 850 painful sit ups that I know are meant to help me but shit I wonder sometimes if it is all a lie !!
anyway went on sun bed in hopes of maintaining my lovely tan and to de white my legs ( almost a impossibly task ) anyway went on for my usual 10 minutes and sweet Jesus I was melting forget going to the gym was sweating the pounds of in the bed !! But all I kept saying is I will be brown it will happen ! When I came out asked one of the method's behind gym desk what was the score with the bed being so warm??? Were they trying to kill me ?????? Well turns out bulbs had been changed and I was the first and they forgot to warn me ! So basically I had the sun in close quarters to my milky fair skinned body !
just in case you are wondering I am surprisingly not a lobster I and not moving from one ass cheek to the other due to burns ha ha
right off and away now


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