Friday, August 19, 2005

Beware-----ramble about to commence all !

right here I go !
its Friday this is a good thing on so many many levels
you can drink ge3t drunk and not worry about consciences the next morning
you can stay up late for same reason as above ( except I have the sleep patterns of a 80 year old )
you can use it as a excuse to not cook and get a take away hmmmm
and it just makes you like the letter f more and more !

right last night ramble time :
last night I hit a all time low I mean intervention low seriously. so here is the tale: last night I was so hot and tired I had lost the will to live or even care about the fact that I had lost the will to live ! Also I was so tired I could not lift my fat ass off the couch to get one of the many bottles of wine I bought the other day let alone open it and pour, if I had actually managed to get up and open would have drank straight from the bottle. I felt aqs though I was letting the booze hound side down ( re blog entry : work a booze hounds safe haven ) I am a bad bad example of a alcoholic. Anyway by 10 pm I decided I needed to go to bed had to wanted get in and read my book ( trash of course pure shit love it ) but could not do it. Next thing you know the simple life interns shows up on telly and it happened. Went cross eyed and in a trance as I watched this pure and utter shite ! By the end of it I was so wound up with myself that I had allowed my semi intelligent brain absorb the shit I was wide eyed and bushy tailed awake grrrrr!! so I thought well I will iron and then go to bed it would all be good. so ironing away and then the next even worse thing happened!!! On came Brittney Spears and her new fly onto he wall docu drama reality show. Oh sweet lord went square eyed watched it as I drooled and began chewing on my own tongue!! I watched it all how bad is that !
so needless to say on top of having the worst nights sleep I was having nightmares about the half witted skinny bitches ! Not cool

right lighter and happier note! I finally have some pictures. You have to realize the ordeal I went through to get these. After 2 days of trying to figure out how to work the scanner and talking to the scanner and attempting to reason with it I managed to get them scanned. With help it has to be said and by a man at that who knew ?!?!? But then it got worse. I had to get the pictures to format right to get them on the blog or what ever it is you do to make them work that was another day and awhile lot of muttering and rocking to and fro. Finally my French work mate and friend Angeline otherwise known as frenchy did it for me. See the French are useful for something not a whole lot but something ! Ha
so here they are
I expect you to oh ahh cooo and point and laugh and of course comment. In fact demand you to comment !! :

my mum's back garden in Canada. In fact that is a lie as the garden is so big will not fit in a picture. yep said that to make you all jealous really is lovely !!

my little ( 6 foot 4 ish ) bro George and his amazing a lovely girlfriend Amanda . Loves young dream these two !! Enough to make you want to puke ! He he

my little sister an her best friend's , Emir, girlfriend Keiran . Don't they just look lovely ha ! :)

my amazing lovely and somewhat drunk mummy !! God love the women for putting up with me ! Ha

these next 2 are of me . Very drunk I believe by the time they were taken.

note: change of shirt due to glass number 5 of champagne being split down the front of me. yep it was my fault split it on my own accord ! Be nice please not the best pics but they will do

so there you go all some pics. Will put some more on eventually. Put the scanner and I have declared a truce for the time being and we are leaving one another alone for a small time period to cool down

have a great weekend all !!

p.s off to London so will tell of the adventures on Monday



Anonymous said...

Lou - you know who this is! I can't believe the amount of shite you watch on the box and yes I do agree with you now..... definite saddo! Forget watching the telly, get your ass up to my neck of the woods and come spend an evening with me my bloke and my girls in the fresh air, or have you forgotten how to muck out???????

louisa said...

ha ha !! fighting talk lady ! i may watch sad telly but i do it most times now in a drunken stupper ! so does not count ha ha and i will never forget how to much out just choose to limit when i muck out . yep it is a excuse he he