Monday, August 22, 2005

Post weekend analysis

hello all !! :)

well back at work on 4th coffee 5 th fag and I have had to cat naps at my desk ( least I think I have as bits of the day seem to have disappeared from my memory hmm not good that )
it is not that I had a overly heavy weekend it is because I am getting old I believe. I just cannot live without 8 hours sleep a night anymore so not cool !

Anyway the weekend. Went down to Matt's for the weekend and had a lovely time. Pains me to admit this but I even really enjoyed the football !!! How very odd for all the moaning I do regarding this sport I actually had a really really good time at the match ( Watford vs Burnley in case you are asking ) So yes football was the first event. Went back to Matt's he got fish and chip takeaway for dinner ( that's right people he cannot cook I am serious a single thing and no microwaving is not cooking Matthew!!) the fish was sooooo yummmy hmmm.
Then it was out on the town in Watford. Met one of Matthew's best mates Gary who was lovely. Anyway let me tell you the girls down south are a completely different breed from the girls up north. For starters they all wear white shoes and boots !! Oh my god these girls need to be told that this does make them look like hookers serioulsy does not matter what they wear clothing wise the white shoes will make them look like hookers. I mean dress sense does not seem to exist down there was the oddest thing think I have ever seen. Needless to say it made me feel much better about my dress sense which at times can be some what dodgy and I will fully admit to that !
Then back home yesterday. Was so tired after my drive I passed out on the couch. Full on face stuck to the pillow tongue hangin out arm stuck in the extended position I left it in when I fell asleep. You may know what I mean by the arm thing as it is complete agony when you wake up and gets stuck at the elbow and you have visions of you being like that for the rest of your life. You know arm extended and getting stuck in door ways or people thinking you are a Hitler loving freak!
so yeah that was my weekend really. This mornign was interesting though. Was in my regular morning routine ( yep I am routine orientated break the routine and the day is screwed ) when it started pissing it down like god was very upset with the world and he was letting us know about it. For some unexplainable reason the cat went mental when this happened and completely ran a muck round mylittle flat for a good 15 minutes howling running skidding then repeat the process. he eventually collapsed in a heap on the floor completely out of breath. Needless to say was extremely entertaining ha !

right picture time. Thought would be nice to add a picture of Matt and myself at his brother's , Andy, wedding. So here it is. I really like it and plus I am shockingly brown which was very cool ha ! Has to be said believe matt was propping me up in the pic as I was so 3 sheets to the wind by that point he he

the other couple were Matts cousin and her finacee. Had a brilliant time with them and they were a absolute riot and made the evening even more enjoyable for me

right that's it for now to tired to type and believe I may have another nap of course ensuring it does not look obvious I am doing this plus try not to hit the key board with my head either !


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