Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This is going to be a rambling hmmm sort of blog entry today. Then again any different from any of my others ??? Likely not some will say!
right first things first ! My grammar and spelling. it has been brough to my attention by my anal little sister and my customer Phil ( he is very short and a apperant lady killer I have been safe up until now in regards to his lady killing powers praise the sweet lord above !! it has to be said he is a lovely man even though he is a ankle bitter and as cheeky as they possibly come !! i am sure one day he will manage to pull a sweet girl that any mother would be proud of. but god that time is light years away !! ha ha ) that my spelling is shocking and horrible ! Right guys I knew this known it for ages and ages. See it is not that I cannot spell it is the fact that I get so excited whilst typing something I loose all spelling ability and well type at warp speed and well miss a view letters here and a few spaces between words there. As Alex clearly stated in one of her comments I need to read back on my entries to see that it is hard to read. She has a poitn I hate to admit it she is right god damned I am a fucking awful speller and tpyer to boot ! Will make a conserted effort to help my readers in the reading of my blog from now on promise !

went to the gym yesterday and well fell of the cross trainer .... Again ! yep it has happened before and I am sure will happen again. it happens so frequently now that I do not even bother telling people as they would never believe one person can do this so many times. I just stop concentrating that and the guy in front of me on the treamill had a amazing as well ha ha ! I then attempted to use the blue ball for the first time hmm big mistake. I currently and doing 800 sit ups a night with he ab curl thing ( yes 800 !!!! No I am not lying seriously stop calling me a liar it is true and actually easier to do then one would think ) anyway blue ball. Yeah I have no sense of balance as some of you may know and that ball is all about balance ! My god lay down on it after my little training session feeling all proud and ready for the pain it would cause. Did to sit ups and well shot right of the front of the damned thing and skidded across the gym floor like a over weight white long haired penguin not very lady like nor very clever. The blue ball is now my enemy I hiss at the blue ball when ever we cross baths or I kick it which ever I feel is more appropriate at that moment in time. I missed home and away for that damned blue ball and now I have no idea if josie and jessies wedding is going to go ahead !!! Gutted ( think only heather willpossibly understand the attraction of home and away and event hen she may be to bright a girl to watch the shit )

oh my matt is a lost cause let me tell you ! Got my usual nice text last night and this is how the conversation over text went please do not laugh at my boy he is a work in progress ok :

matt: good evening babe. How r u this evening? I am now relaxing with my cup of tea in front of the telly xxxx
Louisa: even Hun had my dinner been to the gym and relaxing as well. Are your parents on holiday and gone yet? xxx
matt:parents went @ midday so had my 1st panic cook. it didn't seem cooked after 20 mins but seemed fine after 25. If not in work tomorrow you now know why ! ha xxxx
Louisa:my god Hun it cannot honestly be that hard to follow the instructions !!!! I am sure you will survive ha ha xx
matt:no instructions with shepherds piehaha. Other than 20 mins gas mark 6. Think should have been higher up in the over, oh well fish tomorrow xx
Louisa:my god you so need to make a serious effort in the learning to cook deparment sweetheart seriously !! ha ha xxx
matt: I have coped before and I am sure I will cope this time. Got my list of what to have more worried about watering the plants! xxx
Louisa:it is the fact that you need a list that's disturbing me Hun ha ha !! xxxxx
matt: just planning my dinners Hun xxx
Louisa: hmm yeah but was it your mother that planned the meals ???? ha ha xxx
matt: nope I did the list that's the truth honestly xxx
Louisa:you know you do not need to make a list of what to eat just eat whatever you want when you get home live on the edge babe ! He he xxx
matt: the list helps me Hun so I know what I have to do when I get in xx

it has to be said I gave up at this poitn as I knew my lovely matt felt secure into he knowledge tht he had the list and he was prepapred for what ever the evil kitchen threw at him. I however am worried that he may kill himself tonight when he eats that fish !! He does mean well but like most men all hope may be lost on him in regards to cooking. But as stated he is a work in progress for me :)
( sorry matt could not help but put this in as looked back and thought it was rather funny actually he he and I am sure I will receive backlash from you on this xx)
anyway enough from me I am very sure you are either all wetting yourself laughing at all of this or you are thinking stop begging you please stop talking Louisa ( I get this plea all the time as I never shut up at all ! )


Alexandra said...

Cute. Still not quite as funny as the conversation between myself and an unnamed friend last night.

Friend: "So, I got a pay raise. that's pretty cool."
Me: "No shit! Awesome. How much are you making now?"
Friend: "57,000 I think"
Me: "Screw you! 57,000?? I hate you right now."
Friend: "Ah yes, but I have a defective uterus."

Seriously. Rather amusing.

louisa said...

oh my god i do not know if i should laugh or feel sorry for unsaid friend although better then matt and his lists of meals it has to be said !