Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Come out of Your Music Comfort Zone !

I have been writing a lot about music of late. This would be due to the Ipod touch otherwise known as gods gift, being fused to my palm.

I grew up with a love of music. I had parents who were music lovers and passed that on to their kids. I would like to think that we all have very good taste in music and a reasonable idea of what is quality music and what is “fluff” music. Do not get me wrong I always love a little bit of mindless fluff once and a while.

I had a Dad who adored Pink Floyd and all the great Jazz players. I had a Mum who loved Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. So we grew up with a great appreciation of what I call “Real” Music. I remember as a child watching my Mum on a Sunday afternoon in the dead of winter shimmying her way across the kitchen to Dylan and Dad turning up the Jazz to unbelievable levels to his undeniable lack of hearing! lol

Even now Mum will still put Dylan on and we will all know the words. I will be honest when I say I do not know many people my age let alone my younger brother’s age that know most of Dylan’s songs and appreciate them for the incredibly meaningful songs and lyrics that they are.

So yes I have been on a music kick!! Currently I have a small obsession with a few albums in particular with thanks to my friend Allen downloading them onto my god’s gift ( ipod touch )

Punk Goes Acoustic
I am so feeling this album and punk goes acoustic 2 as well. I do like some punk music but it is something I can only tolerate in small doses due to the fact that half the time I can’t hear a damn word that they are saying. So when I listen to the acoustic album I hear it all and realize how good some of the songs are.
Particular Favorite right now is “Memory” by Sugarcult. I love the tone and pitch of his voice. I get the feeling and meaning behind this song. It is a snappy and good song love it .
I also love Punk Goes 80’s and one song in particular. Video killed the Radio Star . I have always loved this song before hearing this version and now I am completely hooked on it with this version! It is one of the best “remakes” of a song I have ever heard.

Another group I have been introduced to thanks to my bro and Allen is Secondhand Serenade. I will be honest I had never heard of them before they were put on the Ipod and now I cannot stop hearing them enough. Again they are songs with stories. I am someone who needs to find a story or a meaning in the music that I listen to. If I do not find that then I begin to think it is rather pointless assaulting my eardrums with meaningless shit.
This album “Awake” is one big story. Favorite track is “I hate this Song” yes it is a slightly melancholy and can be somewhat sad but who cares it’s a song with a purpose and that’s all I need. Other mentionable tracks are the title song Awake and Take me with You.

So yes I am slightly deafer then I was last month. I am expanding my musical taste from what is familiar and comfortable to me and I am having fun doing it.

I say to everyone along with buying the current and up to date albums you need to go out and buy the classics and the godfathers of music. The Pink Floyds and the Bob Dylan’s. You need to see where good music came from before you are able to weed through the Fluff of modern day music. Listening to Dylan and Floyd will make you appreciate all the more the bands that are currently making the effort to be real musicians and artists.
I also recommend everyone comes out of there “music comfort zone” and buy an album they have never heard of or would never usually buy. It might surprise you how much music you are missing out there that is not mainstream and top 40

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