Monday, November 12, 2007

A Chance to Feel Greatness

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in such a long long time and it is completely down to best friend Aron.
I was given the best honor ever of being allowed to ride her amazing horse Ike. Some of you may be thinking “It is just a horse and it is really not that big a deal” This is not just a horse everyone.
This is an athlete, a fine tuned machine. He is the most stunning and expensive horse I have ever ridden in my life.
Ike is a Friesian breed. They are one of the oldest and most baroque breeds of horses. They are tall and majestic in style and appearance. Ike fits this description to perfection.

He is one of the best trained horses I have ever known in my life. This is down to the dedication and immense skill of Aron and her late and very dear trainer Nadeem. So when she asked me if I wanted to ride Ike I will fully admit my first gut reaction was to yell “UH NO CHANCE!! I am so not good enough to ride him lol “But she was instant and wanted to see how I would bond and react with Ike for any future help she may need with him. I decided ok she trusts me enough so you may as well go for it!! It’s a once and a lifetime chance to do this!
Well when the time came to get on Ike after Aron had finished riding him I was to put it bluntly …shitting myself! I tend not to get nervous around horses they are like an extension of who I am and my make up. However with Ike I just knew it was a different ball game.
Any fear I had vanished the minute I sat down properly and had the reins in my hands. All I can say for a description of what riding Ike is like is …poetry in motion. The is a fluid and forward movement that to some may be terrifying but to me excites and exhilarates me. It felt incredible. He is a credit to Aron and Nadeem and the hours and years of hard work they have put into the boy.
So as I said it was simply one of my best moments. It has to be top 5 at least. I cannot wait for the opportunity to do it again.
Even more then being able to ride was the huge and unfathomable compliment Aron has paid me for simply allowing me to ride her magnificent beast. For anyone who knows when you have a horse like that you do not mess around with it. You do not risk habits being taught to them. You do not risk him or rider being hurt, you simply do not risk. So for her to let me on was the confidence boost I needed to remind myself that yes indeed I am a good rider and that I need to remind myself of that daily from now on
Thank you again to both Aron and Ike

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