Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music Music Music ! God I love it !

Its time for another music recommendation entry for you all. As you are aware from the previous blog entry I am currently on a major music kick due to my sexy Ipod Touch ( Oh yeah did I mention I have a shiny new Ipod touch…I didn’t??... Are you sure???
So I currently LOVE any music I can get my hands on. However there are a few songs and artist out there that stand heads and shoulders above the crowds due to the greatness of their music. So I thought I would pass this all one to you.

There is also an underlying tone to this entry and that is the following: I need recommendations from you all on what artist you are loving right now, what I should download. I am looking for great British acts as well as they seem to be lacking completely on this side of this pond as the music frankly sucks on the radios over here!!

Ok on with my current list of Favorites:

Paulo Nutini
Now for my English readers this is no new artist for you as he has been out over there for over a year. However he is just breaking out over here. I adore this man. I find it completely intriguing that he has SUCH an Italian name and yet he could not be more Scottish so Scottish you cannot understand a word he says in interviews. Fav songs are pretty much all of them but to list the 2 I love currently they are: Million faces, a truly lovely easy listening song. The other and bigger fav is Jenny Don’t be Hasty. This is a classic singing to tapping your foot to in the kitchen song just wicked!!

Plain White T’s
Ok I know that these guys are coming out over there in the UK but they have been here for a bit. I love these guys. It’s another fresh band that has actual stories to their songs. This is the group that I will listen to over and over and over and never get bored. The song I am loving is “Hey there Delilah”. This song made me cry the first time I heard it. I can only wish in my life time to have a man as devoted and unreal as the one in this song. I recommend you find this Album “Every Second Counts” and BUY IT NOW PEOPLE.

Time for a little Canadian for you all. I was introduced to this women’s music 2 ways. Firstly it was the song advertising the new Ipods and she was also featured in a recent Greys Anatomy show. It is nice to hear a woman sing and not screech down your ears. She has a strangely addictive voice that seems to pull you in. It is music that makes you smile out of the corner of your mouth or from your eyes. I would say she is another of my Sunday listening albums. Another one you need to buy guys. Best song by a country mile is “1234” it makes you want to move and tap your foot. It makes you want to spin in a circle is a leaf covered fall field. It’s simply “nice”

And that’s all folks. Let me know what you think? Also give me recommendations!! I need to fill this Ipod up!

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Suburban Mum said...

I LOVE Paolo Nutini, I've had his CD in my car since it came out about this time last year. I love Jenny Don't Be Hasty Too, perhaps because he wrote it about me. (haha). Apparently there's about 30,000 Italians in Scotland, for some reason when they all emigrated to escape poverty, they all chose cold and wet Scotland. That's your history lesson over for the day :) And I also love Feist and Plain White Tees.

As for recommendations, well I really like Maroon 5 (as do you) and Orson, and The Feeling. I LOVE The Feeling. Leigh Nash (ex singer with Sixpence None The Richer) is a bit similar to Feist I suppose - she's quite good, I just downloaded her album on iTunes.

Other than that, I like me some ambient stuff so I love Royksopp, a Norwegian band, and Sigur Ros who are Icelandic (yeah yeah, I have a fixation on all things Iceland but actually I didn't know they were when I first heard and fell in love with one of their songs). I think Sigur Ros are probably a bit of an acquired taste but I love it.