Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Louisa's Life Update as of Today

As the title says this post is an update on my life as of today people!

Life is pretty damn good if I am going to be blunt, and you all know I am nothing but blunt at the best of times.

Ok firstly, I got myself a mobile (cell) FINALLY after almost a year of avoiding it since I came back last November. I have to fully admit (much to Arons sheer glee) that I was a fool not to have one for so long!! Oh my sweet lord I missed having a mobile. I REALLY MISSED TEXTING!! So now the damn thing is fused to my hand …just the way it’s meant to be and Aron is no longer mad at me lol. I ended up getting the LG Chocolate flip phone. My UK friends will understand my frustration with the mobile phone world here in Canada. They suck basically. They are about a year to 2 years behind in technology and phone design. However I will give LG credit where credit is due and say they have done a very European phone here and it’s good. They have had serious issues with the slide version which is what I wanted. They were smart enough to say to me not to get it. Clearly they could see I would end up being a pain in the ass customer!

Ok now for the SUPER FREAKING COOL AMAZING new toy. For my birthday I may have lightly hinted to mum that I wanted an Ipod Touch, ok not so lightly more like begging…it worked!
I am the proud owner of a new ipod touch which currently I do believe I am in love with it actually I am infatuated with it! I cannot stop touching, looking at it and holding it!

Boy front: All good best way to describe it. Still seeing boy previously mentioned and really like him. Completely my type and fits me well if that makes any sense. Will not say more then that as it is early days and I always tend to jinx things or over analyze things as well. So yeah all good is the best way to describe that all to you

That’s my life to date. My birthday is coming up in a week and half. I am having a Halloween pub crawl it will be a gong show. There will be pictures and tales galore for you all!!

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