Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Canada v.s England

So one of my nameless comment people got me thinking about my Canada versus England situation. I am always asked "Do you miss living in England?" or " Is it better here then there?" When I was in the UK I always got the comment " You grew up in Canada and came to live here ...why?!"

So I reckon I would do the old pros and cons thing for you all tonight.

The Worst bits of England

The rain. Yes it rains endlessly there. I say it is the worst bit however you do actually tune it out and begin to get to a point where you simply do not notice it but it still sucks

The costs of SOME things. Not all things are pricey if you know where to look. But things like fruit and Gas are so expensive.

The constant stream of asylum seakers. it is a problem there. When I first moved I did not see the issue with it. However by the time I left it was bad. There are a endless stream of them and a lot, not all, are not really asylum seakers by any stretch of the imagination.

The lack of bank holidays. England sucks in that department !! the rest of Europe has like 3 or 4 more a year dammit !

Bad rental flats. Seriously they are bad. There is no such thing as moving into a clean flat. You are promised at least a good 2 days of cleaning before you dare take your shoes off !

The cost of housing is so high. To get a tiny 300 sq foot flat it is going to cost you at least 900 a month no bills or council tax included those are are extra just for your pleasure !

The Worst of Canada ( yes there is such a thing)
The endless winters. I love skiing and winter and snow however 6-7 months of the year is so excessive!
The fashion. It is bad and it is like 12 months behind Europe ! Why is it we are still in hip hugging jeans and pants when whats in over there is high wasited which is sooo much better ! oh and the shoes are better in Europe then here
The loud people. I am a loud girl but after almost 10 months of being back my ears still hurt from the volume of human voices here.
The drivers!!!! You all suck sorry guys it is true. There is a fast/passing lane and a rest of traffic lane. If you are ot passing pull the fuck over. Really there are so many bad drivers here !
The roads to they are bad here. I can safely say in years of driving in the UK I never hit a pothole.
The men. Sorry fellas. But the men here are terrible. they have no idea how to behave around a women. They have no idea on how to dress themselves or fashion, how to present themselves and how tobe a gentleman. I have yet to meet a guy who makes my heart flutter ...i am destined to be single in Canada
The cost of flying!!! to damn expensive here its silly
The music. There are amazing Canadian artists however not to the extent of Britian and they are few and far between.

The Best of England
FISH AND CHIPS!! Enough said

The men. Oh my god the men. Guys over there do not like skinny skinmny girls they like normal girls. The majority know how to sweet talk a girl. They know how to dress how to look good. They are the ones the ones that chase there not the women. I neverhad a problem dating there like I do here

The friends I made. It is so much easier to make friends there then here. Here I feel like a outsider like I do not quiet fit in the puzzle. I feel like a londer and wanderer here.

The fashion !! oh lord it is good there

The social life. Socially they are much better in the UK. They are also not as clique there.

Spring. The season of spring over there is unreal. The smells, the sights the everything

The best of Canada
Its Canada. Its like the dream country for the majority of the world.

The mountians ! hey they are simply breathtaking!

Skiing. Hmm god Ilove to be able to have the ability to just go skiing any old time I want to

Family and home. This is home and where my family is, need i say more??

Cheaper beer. Oh and it is stronger lol

Trees and ski. You know I never saw the stars when I was in the UK Here i see the stars every night !

Canada day! we are so proud of it here you know

So there is a bref lol list. I am going to say this though, I crave england. If I had the means an the money I would live there. I seem to have a connection there that I do not have here. I have friends I miss more then the world and that willalways pull my heart strings. I love Canada and it is my " forever home" but there is a emotional pull towards the UK and and comfortability there. I felt more at easy in my skin in the UK hen I ever will here.
Here I feel out of mydepths as though I will never fit in anywhere. I am more of a loner here and I seem to ge down much more quickly here and find it hard to pull myself out of it here. Where as in the UK I would get down but it would last almost seconds.

But I made the decsion to come back and I am back. I am not one to back down from a challenge so I am sticking it out but some times I need that encouragement and friend base.
I need more of that in my life I think
Lonely and awkward is never a nice feeling you know.....

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Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks for that! I really enjoyed reading your pros and cons. I've always felt drawn to England, too, since I was about 10, with no real reason for it. I doubt I'd have the guts to do it, but I do like to dream that I will, one day, move there. But, home is where family is, so I'll have to take 'em all with me! Haha!
Nice talking with you,
Dorinda from Sylvan Lake
ps. they must have some nice lakes there...